Tuesday, September 7, 2010

L to the.. gnue yawk

these photos are in no order.. as a matter of fact i think they're backwards as far as order of appearance. pero you gots ta love it.

free jello shots at the free comedy joint with the $3 dolla buds... B knows the time.

yes.. the train runs 24/7... no, not as frequent as we'd all like in the middle of the night.. how does one kill the time?

the new box out front el fagon.. chimis all night.

is it sexy? is it rude? doesn't even matter... it's hot.

team buddy jam sesh = hella fun

crif dizzle

the driver of the suv in the background got hella sad at lydon for this one.

boy talk

b-boyed down on the burg bridge.

hope you had fun vato.

1 comment:

  1. Wyl'n out! Damn, we pretty much killed shit pretty solid for a week. My shoes had a great time.