Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New York City

Skyscrapers and everythang! Point 0,0 of this Hip-Hop thing we all love, and culture in general, too much goodness at every turn, you can’t help but feel some unordinary feeling of excitement. A textbook example of our shit system of never ending development of capital and production, yet this beast is of a different breed. When the crushing thumb of capitalist rule came down, folks threw up their thumb tacks in the name of cultural identity. Truly an international city, errybody live here and hold it down with their own language and customs, including FOOD!, never successfully forced to assimilate. The stereotypes of pissed off New Yorkers are absolutely true, but that’s just some real shit. Think of how you can get mad at your family and close friends, but in the end it’s all love right? It is until someone gets shot I suppose… but I’mma still yell right back anyway!
I had a wonderful time in NY, can you tell? MUCH LOVE to the Blackman for housing yours truly, playin host of all hosts, providing mobility and shreddage (even with hot pink accents, shit got handled), and serving up game in a sticker covered MickeyD’s cup. Huge THANK YOU!!! to Diana as well for puttin me up on many things delicious (pinche pickle juice!!), BK heart MJ, letting me hang in general, and just doin what you could to make my stay that much more enjoyable. Cheah! FOCHO!!!!!!!!!! Now, the pictures!!! Hope you’re ready…

First in flight! Breakin the clouds, scrape, scrape!!!

Put a sticker on yo cup, it’s a brew-y call! Queens bridges/park style.

5 Pointz, Modelo, frequent train service, no buffers. MERS 1 is the dude.

I fell in love with a sandwich!

Love triangle.

Lil tinklor!

The main walkway was on the other side, but this guy behind Black seen urination, revert 180 to wiener peek fakie.


Screw rent!

Big Willie Style Bridge. Manhattan bound.

Black getting his lil kid on.

Bengali paint splatter.

Who the hell are you!?

“I know that song!!”

Make yourself at home.

Potholes in my lawn! These streets don’t play! Somewhere in BK.

Self time brick bankers in Fort Green near downtown BK.

Welfare love.

SF haight, NY…

In the bunghole of the beast…

Po-lice cold stoopin in Staten.

Cruisin Staten Island, Manhattan in the background.

Central Park's version of Dolo sans PBR.

We like the cars… next door to Black’s pad. SuyDAM!!!

Preppin shirtilage for the Time Square invasion.

So tire.

When you spend enough time in the subway, you gotta explore a lil…

Garson Daly. Turfin at the rink.

Brighton Beach. Hella nice day.

Had to touch the east coast.

Coney Island! Hella fun.

This dude killed it! Find the drum stick attached to the left knee.


Peace to the place when the trains rest.

Semi mish to this bar, didn’t buy a drink and played Scrabble the whole time. F U N.

Tried to take me to the prestinct. Wouldn’t be a complete trip without it.

BK loves MJ, and Snoop? And Warren G? Yeah, bad ass.

Black shredmania to 180.

Bridge walkin!

18(76) Dummy!


So tire near George Washington Bridge.

Way uptown took the uno to the 4. Rewarded myself with an Italian Icee after quite a bike ride along the Hudson.

Boogie Down Bronx! No shortage of hyphy hydrants during my stay.

Cheah! Dondi love near Myrtle Ave.

Funky in the udio on the power hour steez!

Black showin off his mutant powers.

That says ‘Gunther’.

I’m sure you can tell that Diana took this pic. Pickle juice!!!

Till next time…

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