Thursday, October 28, 2010

Livin Presidential!

Funny, not cuz it has any deep meaning or anything like that. Just funny.

Funny, solid political commentary, and Reagan was Craftsman tool set #1.

By the way, I didn't vote for either of em. Nov 2nd is elections in CA. Handle that!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Wanz hipped me to this one. Y'all already know the genius application:

Then Guy, via Sean Geiger, hipped me to this obscure ass sample. Unless you want to learn about the features of the Plymouth Arrow (which I would be hype to drive), just skip to 5:34.

Sampling; some call it stealing... well, I call it stealing. But obviously there is a way to do it and take something that clearly lacks any significant musical value and make some good ol rap for the kids. Can't wait for mofo's to listen to my stuff and say it sucks, but also be hype when (more like if, they aint findin shit) they stumble upon the original samples.

Focho railroad, makin tracks. Keep it movin!

Friday, October 15, 2010

i challenge you!!!!

this is post 69 for 2010...

last year we had 109 post for the whole year.

in 2008 we had 85.

we should be CRUSHING(!) both of those numbers!.... but we're not. i know we all have lives and work and school and boo's.... and so on... but we should be putting the hurt on this blog. i know you guys have things to say! things you've done. been doing.. and are doing!!! SHARE!!

i know i find myself sometimes just posting things on my fb since i know everyone will see them there. but i think the world wants to know what we're all up to... so we should direct EVERYONE here!!!! i've been really inspired (i know i know..again!?!?) lately and think if we all push together at the same time we can move this mountain. before we all become parents and must the devote our lives to the well being of our offspring.

i've been HELLA sick for the last week. doped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers. staying home "resting". in actuality i've been sitting home sampling HELLA records and working on music the ENTIRE TIME. i know you guys are out there... doin the most.. making the most with what you've earned. lets hear it. lydons got the dope studio focho reverbnation account. we have a studio sound cloud. i know guys been working on that multi page site. cyph is still cyphing out. sometimes i wish i didn't move so we could be closer and work together... but that's bullshit. all we'd do is kick it and reminisce about the "good ole days". out here i feel like i rep our crew. and we ain't no half steppin putos. focho goes hard. focho keeps it funky. focho does the blackguy dance. focho makes poor fun. focho makes poor sexy. broke is the new baller. hahaha!

all i want is progress. if there's 365 days in a year and i'd say and maybe 4 or five of us bloggin on here we should be in crush mode all year long!!!!!!!!!!!!

either way.. i love you guys. thanks for the inspiration. i'ma keep doin me since that's all i know. and i hope yous guys does the sames.

now i'ma go drink a quart of prune juice since pain killer back up the pipes!


(holla back)

you boo on the east coast.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i saved another boombox.

california dreamin'

i just finished reading the di vinci code.

por favor

aye! i love how your post from ny BLANKETED the entire 1st page. doin' the absolute MOST.

'cause you said so.

fall is here. seasons feel good.

i think this picture sucks. the sun was setting while i pedaled home on sunday w/o my camera. i kept slowing my roll to take it in, but REALLY wanted to take pics of this INSANE sunset. so i mahsed home got on the roof and took like 4 pics of the goodness.

that's all for now.