Friday, November 26, 2010

thank you

thank all of you. i love you guys sooo much AND i wish i could have had more time to chat with everyone... but it's cool, we have the rest of our lives. my visits are always too short(not like the rapper). but it's GREAT to see everyone smiling and in good spirits. i fly out in 2 hours and then it's back to that nyc grind. gotta love it.

guy, your beats are FUCKING BONKERS! i LOVE the "new and improved" studio. stay on that grind homie. i love your face. and thank you for the literature. i know what i'll be doing during my whole flight home.

cristina, kinda bummed we didn't get to chat more... but that's why there's snail mail. i was soooo hyped on your last post. the pasteleria (i think i spelled that wrong) is freaking AWESOME. best of luck with that project. as for naming a child epic... i don't know if i could get down with that. but FOCHO as a middle name would be super tight.

cyph, thanks for didding that. keep doing you babe. word up for the jams. the bay area cruising sesh. and that good convo on the ride home. love you homie.

Mr. Lydon George, thanks for being the MAN. hosting/arranging my surprise GOODNESS. being hella in on the trickery. NOTHING but(t) love vato. xoxo

also... cause i know you stay checkin' up on focho.. I LOVE YOU DIANA. this trip wouldn't have been possible without you. you're pretty unbelievable. geeeez... and you just handed me another present. you're ridiculous.... IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. blogging a thank you is just the beginning. iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.

in regards too surprises... sorry IF i don't appear to be super surprised, or moved. i'm just not used to LOVE like that. i think everyone knows i'm not really down with celebrating my date of birth too much but i WOULD like to THANK everyone who helped make this birthday VERY SPECIAL. like i said, this trip has been way too short, just like the rest.

you know i gotta do what i gotta do, and right now that's in nyc. pero i can't wait till we all live back in the bay. seriously, this whole trip has been a walk in the clouds. constantly daydreaming. i love you guys so much. i'll post some pics once i'm back in the lab.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick vote.

Which of you would name your son or daughter Epic?
After taking into full consideration that the kid would have so much to live up to, I think it's a great idea.

Focho pasteleria?

So, I wish I could be sharing in the epic happiness that is Black, but instead I'm transcribing/ translating interviews for my thesis. =( Sadness. But...I did want to share my happy moment of today. I hella got pics from the past few months at work, and I hella fuckin love my job. I'm so lucky!

So, I am helping start a bakery cooperative for single moms and victims of domestic violence, so that they have a dependable source of income and can seguir adelante. These women all live in a trailer park in southeast phoenix and my co-worker Maria has been teaching them about their rights, and community services, and also giving them cake decorating classes. I just submitted a grant to hopefully secure funds for the first three months of operational expenses, marketing, and for our equipment. The goal is to have a grand opening in May 2011! (Dude, Lydon, you gotta hook me up with some mad business skills!)

And the other cool part of this project is that they are making cakes every week so they can practice, and I obviously eat good ass cake every week.

And to end, while I love my job and all, I really miss you guys and I'm way excited to see you on Wednesday. Chea!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

dizzzang.... check these kids out...

the first alternative version is worth a listen, but the SECOND is bonkers! it starts at about 3:50 if you just wanna skip to the carne.

i think last year was the first time i let the christamas music really get me going. i kinda got into it ya know? well today at work a co-worker showed me this video and i felt the spirit. the christmas spirit.

this year i'll be spending christmas out here in new york. last year i spent christmas riding around mira mesa with my house mate trying to find something worth eating on such a "special" day. i'm really excited to spend this xmas with my lady and the ny fam. last i night a had a couple drinks with a BUNCH of heads from the bay. they're calling it an "orphan" thanksgiving if you're not going home. everyone gets together and does the homie celebration. i'm not going to say i've developed a TON of super close friends out here. but when you're in a city of 8 million+ those couple of friends you make/have instantly become extremely close to you. i can dig it. i love my cali heads out here in new york. maybe for the simple fact that they know exactly what i'm going through out here. jonesing for taquerias... missing the beach.. driving down 280 soaking up that california beauty. what was the point of all this rambling? well in about 12 hours i'll be boarding a plane and heading home. just typing that gave me chills. i can't wait. it's going to be a short visit but seeing you is going to take my breathe away. i hope you all know how much i love and appreciate you. even though we may not speak regularly, you're always on my mind. ALWAYS. i just need you to know that. sometimes i wish i wasn't such an emotional person... but if i wasn't i wouldn't be me.

see you guys soon. -Francisco

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gracias a dios por la clica

In anticipation of the Focho reunion week of celebration, collaboration and Thanks Giving that will soon be, I'd like to say Chea! Thank God For FOCHO.

My mom records The View everyday and normally it is somewhat painful to watch it with her but the other day they had Quincy Jones on and this happened... Enjoy

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tread Water

You know who loves to swim in the ocean? I do mofo! It's a fairly demanding activity on the physical side, but also very much requires mental discipline. Constant limb movement amid crashing waves, trying to predict the often unpredictable ebb and flow of a massive body of water; breath control, confidence, and mental stability are key in being able to post tough in the middle of the chaos. It's hella fun.

Guess which clothes are mine.

I'm swimmin folks. Life, this general, involuntary thing we currently occupy, is an ocean of unstable elements that can knock you on your ass, plunk you under and make you drink way more nasty salt water than you ever wanted to. I've experienced my share of all that. Now, I'm more learnded, steady treadin water with a confidence to worry ratio that is outrageous.

Ain't a pay day...

My bad if this sounds weird or too preachy or whatever. I'm just HYPE. A lot of my peoples are in a similar position of exciting potential and opportunity, and with hard work and an honest approach, the best of life will be theirs. If you're not hype, get hype! Music is chuggin, tea is flowin, knowledge being dealt and obtained, me and Maria are almost done with Lego Star Wars, Fugees in the background. Oh yeah, I totally live with this guy.

Boo ya! Keep ... it... MOVIN!!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

firsts in the bay

Hey friends! Sorry for being lame. Thought I'd give you the quick view of my weekend in the Bay, which was hella full of firsts.... I went home for my baby sister's wedding...a first.
Then experienced my first night out ever with 2 of my siblings at Temple- which was obviously hella fun, with a little of drama and a lot of drinks...

And then went to the pier in Santa Cruz for the first time, and Austin held his first fish and we watched guys (not a first).

And we went to Mi Pueblo in Gilroy which just opened and is hella what's up. Way good weekend and just wanted to share.
Hope to see you guys Thanksgiving weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lo Siento por mi Ausencia

What up though, I would like to apologize for my lack of postage, I realize I am not meeting the needs of the nation, Although it is no excuse my compizle is currently not down with my intronet prescence pero I digresss.. chea.
Props to black for maintaing the prescence of devine ejaculate across the face of the intronet. Yadidiluvyoubo.

I have to say CHEA to the Giants real quick, the last month was amazing, in some to be seen focho post, I will share my fotos of the madness that was the world series. In case you missed it heres what timmy thinks


My recent endevor with the MPC utilized a sample from this guy who I have been pretty hype on lately

To end with Cristina's sister Maria just showed me this video and I think it is one of the few dance/ club/ KDON /jam type things that Im hype on and the video is whats up so check it.

Keep it Keep it moven

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


first person to name the 2 FOCHO classics that sample these two songs gets to give me props for holdin' it down on

Friday, November 5, 2010

FOCHO gets nasty from time to time.....

HAha I love this jam....

found out about this one from poon.. holla!

how kooked is hammer? jay-z knocked hammer in a kanye song for going broke and this was his response.

KEEP IT MOVIN'!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

this is my other baby. my most recently acquired piece.

the tape player was broken and i thought i fixed it... but maybe not completely... so i decided to just let her rock out in the living room and get that udio dos crackilatin'.

you know... when the homies are over and music needs to be made on a more neutral turf.. the living room? our third studio here at the SUYDAM. aka the INCUBATOR.

fall is here and it's really starting to get chilly. well i guess falls been here but now the temp is dropping. 55 during the daytime. 30's at night. fall is gorgeous. i've never felt fall like this before. it's waaay different out here. it's a time for focus. to really dial yourself in for the winter. it's a crazy feeling. like a bear eating a ton before he goes into hibernation. but i'm cool with it. you know. just rolling with the punches and swinging every time you find an opening.

mayne... i got dealt a shitty hand on halloween. and all i can do is roll with the punches. i wrote about it a little in my diary or whatever but i really feel like i need to make a song. or a painting.
i'll get more into that one at a later date.

dear cristina,

i hope you're doing well. it's been a minute since you've posted anything on focho! i know you're an extremely busy women but even a quick video drop would be uber awesome. just so you know the last letter you wrote me has stayed on top of my desk right next to my computer to remind me to write you back. i don't want you thinking i forgot or don't plan on it. but i've just been really out of it lately. since it's been so long since i written anything you can expect a super sloppy letter. miss you lady and hope you're loving life. take care and expect (snail) mail.