Sunday, November 14, 2010

firsts in the bay

Hey friends! Sorry for being lame. Thought I'd give you the quick view of my weekend in the Bay, which was hella full of firsts.... I went home for my baby sister's wedding...a first.
Then experienced my first night out ever with 2 of my siblings at Temple- which was obviously hella fun, with a little of drama and a lot of drinks...

And then went to the pier in Santa Cruz for the first time, and Austin held his first fish and we watched guys (not a first).

And we went to Mi Pueblo in Gilroy which just opened and is hella what's up. Way good weekend and just wanted to share.
Hope to see you guys Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. hella guys! thanks for the text! hella made my night.


  2. Awesome! Sorry I missed out on the madness on Friday, but I'm glad y'all held it down.