Monday, November 22, 2010

Focho pasteleria?

So, I wish I could be sharing in the epic happiness that is Black, but instead I'm transcribing/ translating interviews for my thesis. =( Sadness. But...I did want to share my happy moment of today. I hella got pics from the past few months at work, and I hella fuckin love my job. I'm so lucky!

So, I am helping start a bakery cooperative for single moms and victims of domestic violence, so that they have a dependable source of income and can seguir adelante. These women all live in a trailer park in southeast phoenix and my co-worker Maria has been teaching them about their rights, and community services, and also giving them cake decorating classes. I just submitted a grant to hopefully secure funds for the first three months of operational expenses, marketing, and for our equipment. The goal is to have a grand opening in May 2011! (Dude, Lydon, you gotta hook me up with some mad business skills!)

And the other cool part of this project is that they are making cakes every week so they can practice, and I obviously eat good ass cake every week.

And to end, while I love my job and all, I really miss you guys and I'm way excited to see you on Wednesday. Chea!

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  1. Way awesome! I'm happy and excited for you taking on this venture. I wish I had read this before I saw you so we coulda chatted a bit! Well, definitely do not hesitate to call for whatever you think I may be able to help you with. Again, AWESOME!!!