Friday, November 12, 2010

Lo Siento por mi Ausencia

What up though, I would like to apologize for my lack of postage, I realize I am not meeting the needs of the nation, Although it is no excuse my compizle is currently not down with my intronet prescence pero I digresss.. chea.
Props to black for maintaing the prescence of devine ejaculate across the face of the intronet. Yadidiluvyoubo.

I have to say CHEA to the Giants real quick, the last month was amazing, in some to be seen focho post, I will share my fotos of the madness that was the world series. In case you missed it heres what timmy thinks


My recent endevor with the MPC utilized a sample from this guy who I have been pretty hype on lately

To end with Cristina's sister Maria just showed me this video and I think it is one of the few dance/ club/ KDON /jam type things that Im hype on and the video is whats up so check it.

Keep it Keep it moven


  1. dude... yes. that song is way tight and the cideo is money. i was kinda sad when i seen it cause i wanted to do something similar! beat me to the punch! all good though... focho stays in motion!