Friday, November 26, 2010

thank you

thank all of you. i love you guys sooo much AND i wish i could have had more time to chat with everyone... but it's cool, we have the rest of our lives. my visits are always too short(not like the rapper). but it's GREAT to see everyone smiling and in good spirits. i fly out in 2 hours and then it's back to that nyc grind. gotta love it.

guy, your beats are FUCKING BONKERS! i LOVE the "new and improved" studio. stay on that grind homie. i love your face. and thank you for the literature. i know what i'll be doing during my whole flight home.

cristina, kinda bummed we didn't get to chat more... but that's why there's snail mail. i was soooo hyped on your last post. the pasteleria (i think i spelled that wrong) is freaking AWESOME. best of luck with that project. as for naming a child epic... i don't know if i could get down with that. but FOCHO as a middle name would be super tight.

cyph, thanks for didding that. keep doing you babe. word up for the jams. the bay area cruising sesh. and that good convo on the ride home. love you homie.

Mr. Lydon George, thanks for being the MAN. hosting/arranging my surprise GOODNESS. being hella in on the trickery. NOTHING but(t) love vato. xoxo

also... cause i know you stay checkin' up on focho.. I LOVE YOU DIANA. this trip wouldn't have been possible without you. you're pretty unbelievable. geeeez... and you just handed me another present. you're ridiculous.... IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. blogging a thank you is just the beginning. iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.

in regards too surprises... sorry IF i don't appear to be super surprised, or moved. i'm just not used to LOVE like that. i think everyone knows i'm not really down with celebrating my date of birth too much but i WOULD like to THANK everyone who helped make this birthday VERY SPECIAL. like i said, this trip has been way too short, just like the rest.

you know i gotta do what i gotta do, and right now that's in nyc. pero i can't wait till we all live back in the bay. seriously, this whole trip has been a walk in the clouds. constantly daydreaming. i love you guys so much. i'll post some pics once i'm back in the lab.


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