Wednesday, November 3, 2010

this is my other baby. my most recently acquired piece.

the tape player was broken and i thought i fixed it... but maybe not completely... so i decided to just let her rock out in the living room and get that udio dos crackilatin'.

you know... when the homies are over and music needs to be made on a more neutral turf.. the living room? our third studio here at the SUYDAM. aka the INCUBATOR.

fall is here and it's really starting to get chilly. well i guess falls been here but now the temp is dropping. 55 during the daytime. 30's at night. fall is gorgeous. i've never felt fall like this before. it's waaay different out here. it's a time for focus. to really dial yourself in for the winter. it's a crazy feeling. like a bear eating a ton before he goes into hibernation. but i'm cool with it. you know. just rolling with the punches and swinging every time you find an opening.

mayne... i got dealt a shitty hand on halloween. and all i can do is roll with the punches. i wrote about it a little in my diary or whatever but i really feel like i need to make a song. or a painting.
i'll get more into that one at a later date.

dear cristina,

i hope you're doing well. it's been a minute since you've posted anything on focho! i know you're an extremely busy women but even a quick video drop would be uber awesome. just so you know the last letter you wrote me has stayed on top of my desk right next to my computer to remind me to write you back. i don't want you thinking i forgot or don't plan on it. but i've just been really out of it lately. since it's been so long since i written anything you can expect a super sloppy letter. miss you lady and hope you're loving life. take care and expect (snail) mail.


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  1. Neutral udification? Money. Intrigued by other haps. It's a beautiful 78 degrees in SF, enjoy the other side (not sarcastic, btw).