Monday, November 15, 2010

Tread Water

You know who loves to swim in the ocean? I do mofo! It's a fairly demanding activity on the physical side, but also very much requires mental discipline. Constant limb movement amid crashing waves, trying to predict the often unpredictable ebb and flow of a massive body of water; breath control, confidence, and mental stability are key in being able to post tough in the middle of the chaos. It's hella fun.

Guess which clothes are mine.

I'm swimmin folks. Life, this general, involuntary thing we currently occupy, is an ocean of unstable elements that can knock you on your ass, plunk you under and make you drink way more nasty salt water than you ever wanted to. I've experienced my share of all that. Now, I'm more learnded, steady treadin water with a confidence to worry ratio that is outrageous.

Ain't a pay day...

My bad if this sounds weird or too preachy or whatever. I'm just HYPE. A lot of my peoples are in a similar position of exciting potential and opportunity, and with hard work and an honest approach, the best of life will be theirs. If you're not hype, get hype! Music is chuggin, tea is flowin, knowledge being dealt and obtained, me and Maria are almost done with Lego Star Wars, Fugees in the background. Oh yeah, I totally live with this guy.

Boo ya! Keep ... it... MOVIN!!!!!


  1. dude! furreals just bought lego star wars for the pinche cube.

  2. I would rock that Jarritos shirt so hard.