Friday, December 31, 2010

Another one in the books.

what can i say that hasn't been said? this year was pretty bad-ass for everyone...i think.. yeah, it was. the ups the downs, gotta love this wild ride called life. i'd love to make a list or something but i don't think i have it in me this year. it went by sooo fast i don't think i could do its many wonderful happenings any justice. so instead i put together a short video for your viewing pleasure. it's not a 2010 wrap up... but there is rapping. i would have liked to make a 2010 wrap up but it looks like i'ma have to sharpen my skills as well as invest in a computer better equipt for the rigors of video editing. either way i had a ton of fun putting this one together. hopefully you were there for something in here and it takes you back there. you feel me? so i guess, without further ado...

i present my first WWW.FOCHO.COM exclusive : Better Late Than...

p.s. much props to the cliqua for stepping up to the challenge. great work folks. 2011 ain't ready for us.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Contrary to the crazy snow blizzard of the east, this is what we got goin on on the left:

The new year cometh! Excited? Kinda. 2010 was dope for me, so I'm not too ready to let that one go. But I'm sure the follow up will not disappoint. Focho y que!!???? Uber boi fun 571 on the midnight hour cheah!

Monday, December 27, 2010

dude... don't get caught half steppin'.
ALSO, be on the look out for our next track titled "where's my scarf?" followed by an interview with D.J. Elofader heself.

this pic is at the end of my block. they've only plowed the main streets as of now so my street is still under about 2' of snow. i spent a good part of last night watching people try to get their cars out of their parking places. hella savage. shoveling and what not. i guess it's not that crazy.. but i associate snow with woods. higher elevations. not a metropolis. gotham city is cover with a fluffy white blanket.

i'll be heading to central park pretty soon here... i feel like a child.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

R.I.P. Teena Marie

I regret to inform the FOCHO familia that our beloved Teena Marie has passed away. She died yesterday evening. She was 54 years young and will forever be the fire and desire in our hearts. We'll miss you Teena!! Everyone should take some time and peep game on some of her beautiful music that we all have cherished over the years. Keep her in your thoughts yall. Here's a lil something I felt was appropriate for the times. Focho will always appreciate the beauty that is Teena Marie.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Swing...

...will take send a pitch to Left Field.

I am without a radio currently in the whip, so today I found myself rapping these familiar words. Dude, this track is the jam! I'm sure most of y'all have bumped it at some point, Swollen Members with Del on raps and the beat, can't go wrong. I first heard this song in 2001 on the Swollen Members album, definitely THE song of the CD. Nearly 10 years later, still dope. Why? The lyrics mang.

Everyone has tight verses, the overall theme of which is that "battle" style from the 90's, what me and Black used to refer to as a "random Hip-Hop song". Del is Del, killin shit with that crazy, unpredictable flow and rhyme schemes. MadChild has some dope imagery. But Prevail, on that last verse, OOOOOOOOUUUUUU! That fire! Just listen to what that mofo is saying, so fucking tight, even after 10 years, don't nobody throw down like that! Just that right balance of density and accessibility.

"...come to terms with a modern man of clarity..."

In closing, fuck a Drake that writes "freestyles" that would even be shitty as freestyles (thanks Black), love that dope style, and if you rap, make sure your shit is tight. Out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


this first pic sums up tonight for me. a yam session with Jose n Christian. way good. hella yammin. my first time yammin with either. and their first time yammin with each other. always interesting "creating" with others for the first time.

jose throwing down on the 106.

this is a pic i took in Cherin. L to the... knows my steeze (for the most part.. you know i'll have a whole new roster by the time you get back right?)

took the O.G. buddy out to kick it with Dee in the lab for a minute. tell me this isn't beast??

wayyy good set up with the m-audio.mbox or whatever. it was tight but i didn't really get deep into it. a computer is something you need to own before you can really give it the business.

this lady handles.

more dopeness is bk.

i was just into this spot. so i took a pic of it.

christians birthday. candles and glass.

drink here. and bring money. so good. i really can't say enough about this place. they're having opening for the other 2 floors on nye. the top floor is going to be a gallery and the lower level is going to have a dj and a more loungy type vibey feel to it. good times. when we went they were playing the Selena pandora channel which kept the crew on marinade the whole night.


Focho X mas 2010

As always, Focho Goes......
1st. We really missed Black and Cristina this year, who couldn't make it out but who were there in focho spirit.

It went down at Cyph's house, where it actually didn't rain but if it had it would not have been that big a problem since I came through with the huge ass canopies which Cyph and I adorned with Christmas lights. This year we also had the grill going and a hor dourves table which was quite eclectic I must say. We kept the music bumping Squared this time, in cyphs room and in the garage, which at one point allowed for the rave dance party to go down in Cyph's room followed by a Michael Jackson Dance party in the garage, both = outrageous.

Thanks to all who came out, Find yo self in the pictures, these are all I managed to take but I know L to the... 's got a bunch more...

This was obviously part of the MJ dance fiesta

Andy was definitely a stable of the party , First one to arive and last one to leave.

Ravers dance fiesta

Cyph's new profile pic

Monday, December 20, 2010


i just found both of these. i never would have guessed. they aight. i almost would have expected both of them to be tighter. then again i'm listening to both of them through ear buds and straining to really hear what the hell is going on. i'm posting them so i can go home and slap the shit out both of them and see what it really doo doo.

ALSO! i can't believe the made a song called NASA music!? stealing my slang n shit. it's all good. wont be the first time. hahaha! jokes homie ya boy got jokes.

no shit... we need to make a shirt that says


seeing as it's become our adopted phrase as of late.

that's all i got for the moment.
nothing but love folks!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Ciudad de Oaxaca – Estacion de Ferrocarril

I experienced such a bad ass trip with m’lady, one that I could never fully rep on the blog without taking it over for a few months. So I decided to pick out a few rad happenings and let those speak for the trip as a whole. Enjoy!

So this is the story: Right after our arrival in Oaxaca, acabo de putting the bags down and all that, Maria and I made our first foray into the neighborhood to find some eats and assimilate into our new home. We ate at the exact type of place that they told us to stay away from or face chorro; just a street-front kitchen with some plastic patio chairs and tables, definitely the front of someone’s house. Meh, straight up drank the water and everythang, not even trying to turn away the goodness that was placed in front of us.

Anyhow, lunch accomplished, time to cruise the park right next to the house. Right away I spot a BMX bike on the floor, behind it a Mexican dude chillin on a bench. I simply ask him what kind of bike he has, and we get to talkin bout bikes and stuff. He’s super hype and wants us to go to this competencia at the skate park next week. Cheah! Hella down.

We end up seeing him quite a few times in the next few days and party with him and stuff. The day before the comp, I figured that we should try to find the skate park, since it was in an area of town we had never been. I asked a bunch of kids where it was and they all gave me two word answers “Derecho, aca.” Aite tight. That’s all I needed, I just wanted to explore anyway.

Walkin, walkin, walkin, no park, no nothin, and we’re hella far from the house at this point. Determined as I was, I continued to ask folks for directions and continued to get no real response. Late.
As we’re walking, I notice a super tiny sign that points to a train station and museum. Train station? Didn't know Oaxaca had one. Sick! This is what I found…

(Street view)

(Player view)

Apparently, Mexico completely cut funding for all rail related expenses some time in the 70's, causing the whole system to collapse (Keep that in mind US). This is what's left.

I'd be stoked to be that kid...

Full car burner!

Find Maria.

Pinche Gobierno!

And the ill gems...

Can't keep me off these trains! Even with a wounded wing!

Mexican graffiti is dope. If you wanna see more, peep the rest of the photos here. Cheah! By the way, we never found the skate park that day, just more examples of the greatness that is Oaxaca. Hasta pronto!