Friday, December 31, 2010

Another one in the books.

what can i say that hasn't been said? this year was pretty bad-ass for everyone...i think.. yeah, it was. the ups the downs, gotta love this wild ride called life. i'd love to make a list or something but i don't think i have it in me this year. it went by sooo fast i don't think i could do its many wonderful happenings any justice. so instead i put together a short video for your viewing pleasure. it's not a 2010 wrap up... but there is rapping. i would have liked to make a 2010 wrap up but it looks like i'ma have to sharpen my skills as well as invest in a computer better equipt for the rigors of video editing. either way i had a ton of fun putting this one together. hopefully you were there for something in here and it takes you back there. you feel me? so i guess, without further ado...

i present my first WWW.FOCHO.COM exclusive : Better Late Than...

p.s. much props to the cliqua for stepping up to the challenge. great work folks. 2011 ain't ready for us.


  1. This is so amazing, this premiered in lyguys room on new years eve with about 10 of us in his room with hella laughter and smiles, Thank you for your magic, Black...Black magic...Magic Black. yeeeeeeeee