Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Swing...

...will take send a pitch to Left Field.

I am without a radio currently in the whip, so today I found myself rapping these familiar words. Dude, this track is the jam! I'm sure most of y'all have bumped it at some point, Swollen Members with Del on raps and the beat, can't go wrong. I first heard this song in 2001 on the Swollen Members album, definitely THE song of the CD. Nearly 10 years later, still dope. Why? The lyrics mang.

Everyone has tight verses, the overall theme of which is that "battle" style from the 90's, what me and Black used to refer to as a "random Hip-Hop song". Del is Del, killin shit with that crazy, unpredictable flow and rhyme schemes. MadChild has some dope imagery. But Prevail, on that last verse, OOOOOOOOUUUUUU! That fire! Just listen to what that mofo is saying, so fucking tight, even after 10 years, don't nobody throw down like that! Just that right balance of density and accessibility.

"...come to terms with a modern man of clarity..."

In closing, fuck a Drake that writes "freestyles" that would even be shitty as freestyles (thanks Black), love that dope style, and if you rap, make sure your shit is tight. Out.

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