Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Focho X mas 2010

As always, Focho Goes......
1st. We really missed Black and Cristina this year, who couldn't make it out but who were there in focho spirit.

It went down at Cyph's house, where it actually didn't rain but if it had it would not have been that big a problem since I came through with the huge ass canopies which Cyph and I adorned with Christmas lights. This year we also had the grill going and a hor dourves table which was quite eclectic I must say. We kept the music bumping Squared this time, in cyphs room and in the garage, which at one point allowed for the rave dance party to go down in Cyph's room followed by a Michael Jackson Dance party in the garage, both = outrageous.

Thanks to all who came out, Find yo self in the pictures, these are all I managed to take but I know L to the... 's got a bunch more...

This was obviously part of the MJ dance fiesta

Andy was definitely a stable of the party , First one to arive and last one to leave.

Ravers dance fiesta

Cyph's new profile pic

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  1. Good pics mang. Mines will def compliment. Say Merry Christmas!!!!