Friday, December 3, 2010

going black to cali

pics and stuff...

like i said.. it was waaaaay too short. pero all love none the less.

took this pic at 5:03 am.. 18 stops from the air train. panic mode.
eventually i was boarding and out of panic mode..

before i knew it i was at fort funston... LOVING MY LIFE. (not hang gliding..just watching)

finally settled my debt regarding cottos loss..(win win)

then i got JUKED out super tough.. hold up, TWINS in the building.

find timmy g 1time.
"pierre gets hella touchy feely when he's faded" -cyph

52 card pickup

nation of thizzlam
more nation
good ole sweet mouth.. (never try and steal a drunk mans hat)

j(y)am sesh..

some(most)times nah..

gingers unite.

2 things that needed to meat.

this post is short. it's scattered. it's kinda random. but that's what you get when my time is rushed. i love you guys and i'll see you soon...hopefully.

your compadre from a long way, -Cali Black

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