Tuesday, December 14, 2010

coppin' wax n' making beats

never a bad thing to have on hand. for a buck it's a good investment.

i seen this cover and knew i was going to buy this one even before i found out who it was...
Malo = Mine
this guy never fails. i love keys hella much.

Celia Cruz goes HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you don't know, now you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and you know i gotta swoop all the bay jams i find out here. HOLLA!!!!!


i make beats because it's therapy. i'm just like everyone else in the sense that i love making something new out of something old. not to say everyone makes beats like this pero you get the idea. every part of it has it's own form of meditation. when i'm digging i'm in my own world. gettin hella dusty and sneezin hella much but i love it. just going deep through crate after crate of forgotten gems. i always wonder about each record. who owned this thing? how many parties did it see? how many couples made love to this wax? dude.. if these records could talk... i just bug out over the endless possibilities. all the while in a zone, totally focused on the piece of history in my grasp. i always read names first, then check the year it came out.. unless the cover art is in someway or another extra intriguing. after i've got my booty it's off to the lab. another form of meditation is the art of sampling. i ALWAYS listen to every record from start to finish. i remember the first time i kicked it with cyph he was wondering why i did this..? he said the dudes he'd seen make beats only listened to the intro.. how the fuck do you find a BREAK? this is the most time consuming so i'm always looking for ways to occupy myself while sampling. i usually clean my room first and foremost. after that i usually try and update fochco, or write letters. then it's time to chop shit up! this is the part i have to be in the mood for. if i don't feel like making a beat i'm not going to make a beat. plain and simple. i'm not going to say there hasn't been times when i heard a record that blew my mind so much i didn't cut it up on the spot , but that's a rarity. also i'm not trying to say i limit myself to vinyl either. i've cut up cassettes, t.v. shows, radio commercials, random people i've recorded at work or in the streets, even ring tones. anything that makes noise can be a beat. once you open you ears to the rhythms of the world you can make WHATEVER you want. right now i'm listening to the Malo record and it's every bit is GOOD as i thought it was going to be. dizzzzam son. i'm already on the second side and i haven't cut one sample from it. it's too gangster.

anyways, this rant was just me trying to show how intimate/spiritual the process is for me. and as soon as their done i usually don't dig my beats very much. they don't have enough layers or the don't move around enough. so i get bored with them. so from here on out everything is focho public domain. i'm pumped.

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