Saturday, December 11, 2010

October was good

I just cleared my camera so here comes a massive update.

For the purpose of this update we will pretend that Ale's Birthday is in October  instead of the end of September. 

Fun was had by all
Birthdays in Parks with Hipsters, Hotel rooms, The Metrion Slide and a confrontations with a security douche, Yosemite adventures with hiking, Jack Daniels, Scrambling, and PASTE PASTE PATSE, Wine Strolling is the new thang in gilas, Giants winning the World Series all = Focho Madness and a good October
Right after this next pic Catrina hit Ale in the balls ..LATE

The Wonz and Lyguy hit me up with an invite to go on the Yose mite adventure with SHooot and Emonium. Three Days and Two nights of Amazingness
The Skip
SHOOT and Emoniom
We hella scrambled this

so sexy

the captain

half dome

Gilroy's greatest idea in a while was the Down town Wine Stroll. 20 wineries posted up in businesses downtown pouring wine with live music.

I then spend about 4 days straight in The Scoo for the greatness that was the Giants becoming World Champions!

watching game 5 at the civic center.
That one guy singing that one song but with giants lyrics


16th and Valencia



  1. sooo good.. thanks for posting pics of yosemite! i haven't been in AGES. el capitan is que

    keep up the great work!

  2. Comprehensive photo dump! You don't realize how amazing Yose is til you see the pics later... surreal. Vamos Gigantes!