Tuesday, December 7, 2010

post 97 for 2010

when you're frying a steak for breakfast and you have jalapenos, onion, and chopped garlic on top, you know it's about to be proper.

my definition of proper

today is my sunday. it snowed yesterday. well flurries. it wasn't even enough to cover the ground. but it was still enough to make you recognize. i stayed in the lab all day and cut it up on the mpc. made a couple beat thang thangs and today i'll dial something in.

i shot this from the J train super hung over. i was on my way to catch that good fung wah to bean town. this is a part of nyc i'll never get tired of. the relentless onslaught of graffiti. sooo good.

and with all that being said. my last pic is nothing more than a picture i took drunk and really like.

this is 97... KEEP IT MOVIN!!!

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