Tuesday, December 21, 2010


this first pic sums up tonight for me. a yam session with Jose n Christian. way good. hella yammin. my first time yammin with either. and their first time yammin with each other. always interesting "creating" with others for the first time.

jose throwing down on the 106.

this is a pic i took in Cherin. L to the... knows my steeze (for the most part.. you know i'll have a whole new roster by the time you get back right?)

took the O.G. buddy out to kick it with Dee in the lab for a minute. tell me this isn't beast??

wayyy good set up with the m-audio.mbox or whatever. it was tight but i didn't really get deep into it. a computer is something you need to own before you can really give it the business.

this lady handles.

more dopeness is bk.

i was just into this spot. so i took a pic of it.

christians birthday. candles and glass.

drink here. and bring money. so good. i really can't say enough about this place. they're having opening for the other 2 floors on nye. the top floor is going to be a gallery and the lower level is going to have a dj and a more loungy type vibey feel to it. good times. when we went they were playing the Selena pandora channel which kept the crew on marinade the whole night.


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