Thursday, January 27, 2011

love and hate?

this is a bold move out here. or at least from what i've seen. whenever i talk to older heads, i always find myself asking them to tell me how awesome it was when you were in a train station and the iron horse would pull in dipped in sauce? i can't even begin to image seeing full car burners. graffiti will always hold a special place in my heart. (like every other "hip hop" head) love and hate.

speaking of elements, my empeecee has been having some issues as of late. pretty heart breaking to tell you the truth. on both occasions i went to create a new folder to save a beat in and it just froze on me. hate.

speaking of hate. noticed this one today. not that i ever cared much for the homage itself(hate). but hate is hate. and that is definitely hate.

let it be known i wrote my verse for our patrice rushen joint the same day i took this foto.-LOVE

for reals tho, it feels good to be back on the mic. my stint in sd pretty much made me wanna tighten up the production a bunch. and now i think i'm tryin to tighten up the mic game.
since everyone is up on the internet game these days and focho got hella studios... why don't WE make and album for RPM this year? an album in the years shortest month. thats all. nothing crazy. so i'm already signed up to do it solo but i'd gladly change the name and make something with anyone who's down.


Monday, January 24, 2011



that's all for now..
started the lovely process of editing last night.

only time will tell where this goes.

no matter what, it'll be tight.



but it will be REAL hot if a special someone can finish a special something before tomorrow night. (my time)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

gay beats.

watched la mission last night. good movie for sure. made me miss all the west coast low lows.

i really wanna make beats for a video project. ultimately for a movie... but you gotta crawl before you walk right? speaking of gay i came across this add while looking for stuff in nyc.

yo L! you get fruity loops yet? mp's are the new neptunes?!

lets make it happen!

i'm jus playin'.. kinda.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Front and A Gem

I was watching Letterman the other night and during his monologue he pointed this that Uuuusher, while making his latest album ran out of material and resorted to biting songs from Homer Simpson..... 

This greatness, I stumbled across while searching for a version of the Baby Elephant Walk to sample. I know your thinking Baby elephant Walk? And ...Yea thats how I roll. You all know it... sounds like the soundtrack to a baby elephant walking, obviously. Once you have that in your mind then imagine Bootsy Collins as a baby elephant walking in japan and thats what is going on in this video.

Right? So tight. These guys are definitely the dopest band in Tokyo, no doubt..

This post has been presented to you by..

FOCHO: keepen yo shit wet in the midst of life's drought.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a game of name that sample?

this one is not hard at all!
i think i like doing this since i'm a producer myself. i hear a record that someone has sampled already and wonder how they felt when they first heard it. you know?

and this one... who could forget THIS one?(i've probably posted it before since i sweat it sooo hard) i feel like i've put sooo many people up on this one. i love the original waaaaaay more than the cover. this shit is sooo hard! and if you ever listen to the bee gees this isn't what you expect to hear from them.

that's all for now kiddies. your boy out in bushwick still holding it down in duece owe oney one. focholos need to make all that hustle apparent. even if it's through the blog let the world know you're doing shit. i know you're out there doing shit. but honestly we should have a post a day. there's enough of us to produce content. holla back. keep it coming.

club wet wet all damn day!

chowder i meangus?




What up folks!!! It's ya boy Cypheezy checkin in for the new year!

Musical updates are as follows:
Me and Kyle (4One5oul) are finshed with our first E.P. It is titled "Ordinarily It's Strange" and it sounds like a thousand nuns orgasming. Be ready. It will be released to the public the first week of February. Word.

We have already began working on our second album, which will be a full length LP. It will obviously sound even better than the E.P. which scientifically doesn't compute....just wait n see.

FOCHO is already doin it extra live with the new one from all the regulars (minus Verse...sadness) It is a slumper to say the least and is giving me current wood. Perfect.

I will be posting a exclusive track produced by the one and only Blacknanamous and it is sure to shake ya mufuckin pharamones up...

I'm gonna be going on tour in Europe pretty soon courtesy of Chinese Man Records. I will also be getting a video made for the new track I just did with them and they assured consistent radio play which means steady royalty checks for ya boyeee. I'm hyped. I'll keep yall posted on the tour info.

As far as life is concerned I'm doin the mostest as any FOCHISMO character would. Joined a boxing gym and been training. working extra hard to keep them kids outta trouble and my rent check clearin......same old bizness and all that.

I love and miss every single one of you beautiful people that make my life better each and every day. 2011 is the year for FOCHO to reign supreme amongst our fellow comrades in this crazy thing we call vida. Lets get it everybody!!!!!

Lydon...put out a fuckin album.

Enjoy the old school bidnizz


Monday, January 17, 2011

Got Goldbond?

Luchador participating in the ultra propoganda extravaganza in Oaxaca, June 2010.

Happy MLKJr Day! Dude was just so well spoken and on point, he shoulda rapped.

2011 is here. Focho is movin with many tracks in progress: Black always pushin hard on multiple creative fronts, Cyph4 and NoOne got that 415 soul on lock, Dust9 got that perma-fire, Guy goin crazy with beats and the AAA songs, and maybe I'll get around to puttin out an album. ;) VERSE, WHERE YOU AT??????????????? Thangs of various sizes in the works, stay tuned.

Happy Birthday to PJ, this was the family gift to him x50.

What you can't see are the 3 other slices of pizza, other delicious slices of tri tip, and 14 CLs. Cheah!! Be back with some Focho X-mas Fotomania!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


holla atcha boy! (son)

Happy Birthday Aaliyah (i/we miss you)

today is Aaliyah's birthday. what can i say that hasn't been said before? simply put, she changed the game. i was in fourth grade when the "age ain't nothing but a number" album came out. they don't get much better. i've told this story a million times BUT not on focho... so, do you remember back in the day when you'd get those offers from warehouse music or some record label where they'd have stamps of cassette/cd covers? you could get 12 for the price of one, all you had to do was become a member and buy a certain amount every year? well, in the fourth grade i sent one of these back. with all my selections as a new member i didn't have to even make a purchase! (good cause i didn't have any bread anyway!) a week or two later sure enough my parents intercepted my package. snoop doggy dogg doggystyle, the 69 boys, dr. dre's classic the chronic...and so on came with a parental advisory. so what'd they do? they gave me the ONE cassette that didn't have any swearing... Aaliyah's age ain't nothing but a number. i wasn't complaining. it was soooo good(!) and i ran that tape into the ground. on repeat daily. i've always been one to sit in my room and just vibe out to music. whether the radio or a cassette and as far as i can remember this was the first tape i ever owned. better yet, it owned me. i couldn't stop listening. last night i went over the b.a.d. house with my boombox and the Aaliyah discography on my ipizzle. we all reminisced and played our favs over dinner and drinks. i of course had to relay the story of my Aaliyah tape. later my ole lady asked me if she was my first love? it took a second to set in... don't get me wrong, i was already in love with betty wright's tonight's the night, and a BUNCH of tracks by Mary Wells but i never owned their tapes... i never locked myself in my room and played them over and over. i wasn't pouring over their cassette inlets while runnin' their tapes back and fourth. from 'back and fourth' to 'age ain't nothing but a number' to my personal favorite 'young nation' i was in LOVE with Aaliyah. and although i ended up finding all those other tapes in my dads civic under the seat next to the amp... i never stopped listening to my Aaliyah tape.

i can still kinda read her name on my left wrist... i wrote it there three days ago to remind me when i got home from work that i NEEDED some Aaliyah in my life. so yesterday i come home from work and while slapping the shit out of "young nation" i thought to do some research.. 4 hours before midnight i realized it was about to be the birthday of one of Brooklyn's greatest contributions to music...Aaliyah Dana Haughton. God Bless Her Soul.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blasts from the Past

 This year holds big thangs for Focho, we making it happen / keeping it wet / moven and I'm stoked. Pero in light of my excitement for the future I thought I would start the year off by looking back.  In a completely random order of what I came across on my computer what follows are  some glimpses of the past to reminisce about for a sec. I cant possibly cover all the epochs but enjoy....