Sunday, January 9, 2011

duece owe oney one

for starters...

what!? this thing @ the 34th st station?

it's just a lil scrape. i just noticed this lil guy in the front window my my work place. when i was working in the paint shop on 17th and south van ness we had one that was there before i started.

moving on to a more lovable topic... my ole lady was back home for new years and hooked it up MAJOR.

i have yet to find this out here. there's cho cho... just not el mexicano cho cho. thanks again LVOE!

a security truck pulled me over right after i shot this pic. "no pics of the plant."

"i was taking a picture of the sneakers." crazy.

i walked 7 miles in the snow taking pics just to break in my new boots.

winter seasonal goodness in queens.

can't get enough...

like i've said before, EVERYTHING aside... i can't hate on nyc's graffiti/street art "scene" it just keeps going.

that's all. made a beat last night i'ma prolly spit raps on. we'll see how it feels.. it could just end up a beat in the next video..


peace love and chorizo grease.

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