Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a game of name that sample?

this one is not hard at all!
i think i like doing this since i'm a producer myself. i hear a record that someone has sampled already and wonder how they felt when they first heard it. you know?

and this one... who could forget THIS one?(i've probably posted it before since i sweat it sooo hard) i feel like i've put sooo many people up on this one. i love the original waaaaaay more than the cover. this shit is sooo hard! and if you ever listen to the bee gees this isn't what you expect to hear from them.

that's all for now kiddies. your boy out in bushwick still holding it down in duece owe oney one. focho.com. focholos need to make all that hustle apparent. even if it's through the blog let the world know you're doing shit. i know you're out there doing shit. but honestly we should have a post a day. there's enough of us to produce content. holla back. keep it coming.

club wet wet all damn day!

chowder i meangus?



  1. Both originals slump! Lickin lips and gettin down with that emo shit.

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