Monday, January 17, 2011

Got Goldbond?

Luchador participating in the ultra propoganda extravaganza in Oaxaca, June 2010.

Happy MLKJr Day! Dude was just so well spoken and on point, he shoulda rapped.

2011 is here. Focho is movin with many tracks in progress: Black always pushin hard on multiple creative fronts, Cyph4 and NoOne got that 415 soul on lock, Dust9 got that perma-fire, Guy goin crazy with beats and the AAA songs, and maybe I'll get around to puttin out an album. ;) VERSE, WHERE YOU AT??????????????? Thangs of various sizes in the works, stay tuned.

Happy Birthday to PJ, this was the family gift to him x50.

What you can't see are the 3 other slices of pizza, other delicious slices of tri tip, and 14 CLs. Cheah!! Be back with some Focho X-mas Fotomania!!


  1. taking focho to new levels with the winky monster.

  2. Dude PJs family knows how to get down man, I love Lilly in the pinche high chair mixing it up with all the other fools just straight up grubbin!