Thursday, January 27, 2011

love and hate?

this is a bold move out here. or at least from what i've seen. whenever i talk to older heads, i always find myself asking them to tell me how awesome it was when you were in a train station and the iron horse would pull in dipped in sauce? i can't even begin to image seeing full car burners. graffiti will always hold a special place in my heart. (like every other "hip hop" head) love and hate.

speaking of elements, my empeecee has been having some issues as of late. pretty heart breaking to tell you the truth. on both occasions i went to create a new folder to save a beat in and it just froze on me. hate.

speaking of hate. noticed this one today. not that i ever cared much for the homage itself(hate). but hate is hate. and that is definitely hate.

let it be known i wrote my verse for our patrice rushen joint the same day i took this foto.-LOVE

for reals tho, it feels good to be back on the mic. my stint in sd pretty much made me wanna tighten up the production a bunch. and now i think i'm tryin to tighten up the mic game.
since everyone is up on the internet game these days and focho got hella studios... why don't WE make and album for RPM this year? an album in the years shortest month. thats all. nothing crazy. so i'm already signed up to do it solo but i'd gladly change the name and make something with anyone who's down.


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