Tuesday, January 18, 2011



What up folks!!! It's ya boy Cypheezy checkin in for the new year!

Musical updates are as follows:
Me and Kyle (4One5oul) are finshed with our first E.P. It is titled "Ordinarily It's Strange" and it sounds like a thousand nuns orgasming. Be ready. It will be released to the public the first week of February. Word.

We have already began working on our second album, which will be a full length LP. It will obviously sound even better than the E.P. which scientifically doesn't compute....just wait n see.

FOCHO is already doin it extra live with the new one from all the regulars (minus Verse...sadness) It is a slumper to say the least and is giving me current wood. Perfect.

I will be posting a Focho.com exclusive track produced by the one and only Blacknanamous and it is sure to shake ya mufuckin pharamones up...

I'm gonna be going on tour in Europe pretty soon courtesy of Chinese Man Records. I will also be getting a video made for the new track I just did with them and they assured consistent radio play which means steady royalty checks for ya boyeee. I'm hyped. I'll keep yall posted on the tour info.

As far as life is concerned I'm doin the mostest as any FOCHISMO character would. Joined a boxing gym and been training. working extra hard to keep them kids outta trouble and my rent check clearin......same old bizness and all that.

I love and miss every single one of you beautiful people that make my life better each and every day. 2011 is the year for FOCHO to reign supreme amongst our fellow comrades in this crazy thing we call vida. Lets get it everybody!!!!!

Lydon...put out a fuckin album.

Enjoy the old school bidnizz


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  1. 4One5oul exploring forbidden religious hymen! I got your album right here! (Finger pointing gesture to my computer.) What Cyph didn't tell you is that he's doing a speedo tour, Borat style. Late.