Monday, January 3, 2011


if you've never made one, this pic should pretty much hip you to the game.

"cyph did it" is the obvious one.

i've also been playin with "...don't worry about what the fuck i'm doing!" and putting a little taxi cab next to it. but he looks too cool in the photo for that one.. i think. THAT'S why i'm asking..
cyph did it?

is that the one?

smooth flow puppy love.
duece oh oney one.

now i have to open my window, which i wouldn't be opposed to except it's 34 degrees outside with a REAL nice breeze.

much face love to Cyph4

much lens love to Guy


  1. Im Down,
    "Cyph did it" is a given I think. I also like the classic "trying too hard" or the, I'm Focho, whats your excuse? "You don't know mom!" lol well the are alot of sayings that would be good on anything. Focho goes... all media..