Monday, February 28, 2011

a glance at february

i did my best to get the graffiti in the shot as well. their al pastor is on point!

2.28.11 myrtle n broadway. no owner in sight.

got this goodie while waiting for one Che Holts in astoria.

not so much anymore. i've been sneaking lil quickies on the bmx and today i'm actually gonna go pedal. wooo for seasons!

youlovepoon y poonlovesquesofresco

my brain feels better after a good nights sleep. yesterday i took a nap after finishing up the "album" (@ 15 minutes it's definitely an e.p.) and woke up hella disoriented... thinking i still had work to do. it was a strange feeling to say the least. i had an amazing dinner with Dee and the above pictured gentlemen last night and we were talking about that feeling you get when you wrap up a project. that feeling of freedom. you can work on ANYTHING now.

i know this wasn't the biggest accomplishment of all time, but it took a lot of love and encouragement from a lot of people to get those 15 minutes out of me.

much love to my parents, my sister, my shorty, l to the.., the ricker, guy, dustin weatherford, molecule, cyph4, dino n ricky, poon, and anyone else who's kicked down words of wisdom/advice/or straight up love during this past month.

i couldn't have done it without you.

p.s. if you haven't downloaded the album yet... DO IT!

Friday, February 25, 2011

go shorty...

first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTINA!!!

secondly, i've had the hardest time making a good "focho" stencil.. i really just don't know what font to use. hit me up and let know if you have any ideas. the spray on this one was kinda sloppy because i sprayed it out in the rain. so yeah.. lemme know if you have any ideas. what i wanna do is make one to use as a speech bubble to put on all these faces i been making.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

menudo por fa!

man, i love this track. it's amazing. i remember hearing this as a youngster and FEELING it. they looped bootsy collins' may the force be with you, also a great song.

rpm'in it up.
i got the beats done.. 11 or so. and i have (w)raps recorded on 2 of them already. it's coming along aight. i'm not really sure how it's all going to work out in the end...but i can't wait for it to be over. it's a great feeling to force yourself to create. the things you stumble upon are worth the challenge. even if you don't finish the album(like myself 2 years ago) you still take a bunch away from it. so yeah, i can't wait for you guys to hear it! i'll have it available for download on the focho sound cloud as soon as it's done(feb28th to be exact.)
sorry i haven't had a chance to fix cyph's exclusive. i'm a fucking turd. but uh... in the words of silkk... it ain't my fault. did i do dat? we'll be having a house warmer party next month and i think i should have the D.J. ELOFADER interview up by the end of march. sorry kiddies... no video for for february.
dizzam... think that's all i got for the moment.

p.s. lydon, please do the right thing and make a vat o menudo in that pot!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

20 Years Ago...

... I wore Ninja Turtle shoes? I wasn't good at anything. DJ Q-Bert was ruining people's dreams of becoming a DJ, the effect is still felt. Find the Padewon braid, it all makes sense now:

That MURS for President album is fire.

Errybody busy with their own stuff (myself included), but let's make some time for a lil pow wow. Video chat? BBQ? Colaborative music jamming session? Shao!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

feeeeeeeeling it. west coast out in bean town. college radio is que onda son. going back to brooklyn tomorrow.. no sleep kid.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


First off, if you haven't checked this link:

BayRail Alliance: Save the Caltrain!

please do so and send a letter to your local officials that says that you want our city/county/state government to do what it takes to keep Caltrain afloat.


I first heard of a new commuter train in the North Bay like 5 months ago, so I decided to look into it further. The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) has been in the works since 2003 (official talks of a passenger train date back to the 70's), with official funding approval in Nov. 2008. The rail is already in place, so it's just a matter of retrofitting the stations, working out logistics, buying the trains, and it's a go. People are already hating on it due to financing issues, but if you've ever driven 101 during commute times up there, (imagine the equivalent of a 3 hour drive to Gilas from SF) you'll know exactly how necessary alternate transportation options are.

I really should have a separate blog for this kind of stuff, but whatever, I just want to let other people know about issues and big changes occurring right across the way. Hopefully all the issues Caltrain is experiencing are being worked out while the SMART system is still in the planning stages. I stays sustainable son!!!!

Also, I've always known about downloading albums, but yeah, been up on that. Trying to catch up on that Hip-Hop since 2006...

Now Listening:

Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot

Mr Lif - I Heard It Today

Murs - Murs For President

Method Man and Redman - Blackout 2

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

bed-stuy mexican

i made this beat while living in san jose with GUY.
i found this acapella years later in brooklyn and decided they wanted to break bread.

still chipping away at this mound of a challenge. hi-five to GUY for the pep talk! nothing but(t) love homie!

Monday, February 7, 2011

high fasion and low expectations.

red is in.
all the way to the right.
i tried to fix my tape payer on the lil guy today. i was hoping the rubber band just got derailed, but it actually snapped.

like l to the... said, do it.

still on my chaka kick. meditating hella much. hopefully i can pull through. i also wanted to let everyone know that i've decided to let the synth rock in the rpm challenge this year. i'm still doing all chaka samples but i needed to spice things up a lil bit.

i hope you're somewhere loving it.

Friday, February 4, 2011


What up all? As you may have read or heard in the past 6 months, Caltrain is in a state of fiscal emergency (aren't we all) and is facing an imminent cease in operations. We've all heard this before, but now the agency is no longer sugar coating the situation, immediate action is necessary. If you or anyone you know rides Caltrain, or if you are simply an advocate of public transportation/sustainable planning, please take a moment to follow this link

Bay Rail Alliance - Save Caltain!

and fill out the info to send a prewritten letter of concern to your local reps demanding short term funding for Caltrain until a long term plan is forged. Caltrain has become of cornerstone of mobility in the Bay Area, and it's closure would lead to irreparable congestion on freeways, loss of jobs, and a loss of transportation for a large segment of the population.

The Caltrain website also has more info on the severe proposed cuts that are merely a last resort to closure.

So again, PLEASE take a minute to click the link, send a letter, and SAVE OUR TRAIN!!!

Rock Thoughts

In regards to Incubus (see below), I had completely stopped listening to them after Morning View which was circa 2002 largely because they got rid of their bad ass bass player and then sounded completely different, the first four albums however I was thoroughly taken with.  In light of Lyguys recommendation I'll have to give em a listen again, there is no reason why they shouldn't still be a good band, its just that I don't think Ill be able to help wanting to hear the old band. It kinda of like when Maynard from Tool started that band a perfect circle or something, every time I heard the new band it just made me want to hear Tool.

I think that Audio slave was one of the few, new bands made up of  members from an old band, to make an actually really tight album. I mean when I heard about rage starting a new band with out Zack I like most fans were like , hows that gonna work? obviously I couldn't imagine the band Rage with any type of singer, but when Chris Cornell showed up, from Soundgarden, I remember thinking that he was the only possible guy they could have had in order to be a band that didn't just make people want to here Zack. The band is still obviously Rage but I think Chris's voice gives it a completely different spin, cause he wasnt trying to replace what Zack was doing

In another thought,..
As many of you may know I have been pretty hateful towards all the new rock stuff on the radio especially that hipster type indy shit. My dad however Mr. "Ive been Focho since before you were born" reads Rolling Stone every week and is always up to speed on which new bands are supposed to be good, however he never actually listens to any of these bands so he knows all the hype but is always looking to here one of them....
Recently I installed that new Tivo HD for my parents which as part of its many features allows you to watch youtube videos on the TV. As you can imagine ever since then there has been countless hours of youtubing going on in the living room. One of these nights my dad kept on throwing out names of bands that he'd read about and we looked them up Arcade fire...= crap, then some band with hella drummers... crap. then he through out The Black Keys, of which the only thing I knew was that they consisted of two hipsters one on guitar and another on the drums. We founds some live show and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it, it wasn't the boring ass hipster, drone, hella echo, dramatic Florence and the machine crap, it actually sounded cool, My only thing was that I felt that if they had a base player they would be just that much tighter, but I guess its part of their deal. Anyways so I think I'm a fan now  

After watching the Black Keys for a while, my dad and I, continuing with the theme,  looked up the White Stripes who I remembered that I also liked, well at least some of their songs like this one..


In Conclusion not all new Rock bands Suck, just most of them..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

nyc is like...


i'm sure this girl spent waaaaay more than six bucks on this animal hat thing. (sorry for the bad pic, it was all i could do given the circumstances.)
i can't get enough. and i'll never get all of it. i love this place. it's everything and more. much more. more than i'll EVER know. last calendar year had the third most snow on record in nyc. visiting the snow and living with the snow are 2 COMPLETELY different things. i could write a book about it and this was just my first year. speaking of my first year, i was passing some time at work today entertaining a telemarketer for a few when i heard something i thought was pretty funny.. after mentioning i moved to new york in february of last year i was told my new yorkiversary was coming up.. now... i already knew people celebrated their date of arrival in this great city.. but i never heard it called a new yorkiversary. i had a nice laugh and then let it marinate for a sec... i just deleted a ton of digital scribble.. i'll spare you the love story.

peace to the place where the sun sets.

L eft of...

Incubus is to rock what Outkast is to rap, they never fail to be the only tight stuff on the radio/mainstream artists. I really liked the "Crow Left of the Murder" album. Anyone listen to that "Light Grenades"? I think it came out in '06... I guess I got some music to catch up on...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this one goes out to people all over the world, subjected to a system that doesn't understand their needs.

i've been in the lab all morning listening to Chaka Khan and Rufus. it's going down. rpm sucka. yanyuary was extra proper. february is here. inertia.