Friday, February 4, 2011


What up all? As you may have read or heard in the past 6 months, Caltrain is in a state of fiscal emergency (aren't we all) and is facing an imminent cease in operations. We've all heard this before, but now the agency is no longer sugar coating the situation, immediate action is necessary. If you or anyone you know rides Caltrain, or if you are simply an advocate of public transportation/sustainable planning, please take a moment to follow this link

Bay Rail Alliance - Save Caltain!

and fill out the info to send a prewritten letter of concern to your local reps demanding short term funding for Caltrain until a long term plan is forged. Caltrain has become of cornerstone of mobility in the Bay Area, and it's closure would lead to irreparable congestion on freeways, loss of jobs, and a loss of transportation for a large segment of the population.

The Caltrain website also has more info on the severe proposed cuts that are merely a last resort to closure.

So again, PLEASE take a minute to click the link, send a letter, and SAVE OUR TRAIN!!!

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