Monday, February 28, 2011

a glance at february

i did my best to get the graffiti in the shot as well. their al pastor is on point!

2.28.11 myrtle n broadway. no owner in sight.

got this goodie while waiting for one Che Holts in astoria.

not so much anymore. i've been sneaking lil quickies on the bmx and today i'm actually gonna go pedal. wooo for seasons!

youlovepoon y poonlovesquesofresco

my brain feels better after a good nights sleep. yesterday i took a nap after finishing up the "album" (@ 15 minutes it's definitely an e.p.) and woke up hella disoriented... thinking i still had work to do. it was a strange feeling to say the least. i had an amazing dinner with Dee and the above pictured gentlemen last night and we were talking about that feeling you get when you wrap up a project. that feeling of freedom. you can work on ANYTHING now.

i know this wasn't the biggest accomplishment of all time, but it took a lot of love and encouragement from a lot of people to get those 15 minutes out of me.

much love to my parents, my sister, my shorty, l to the.., the ricker, guy, dustin weatherford, molecule, cyph4, dino n ricky, poon, and anyone else who's kicked down words of wisdom/advice/or straight up love during this past month.

i couldn't have done it without you.

p.s. if you haven't downloaded the album yet... DO IT!

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