Thursday, February 3, 2011

L eft of...

Incubus is to rock what Outkast is to rap, they never fail to be the only tight stuff on the radio/mainstream artists. I really liked the "Crow Left of the Murder" album. Anyone listen to that "Light Grenades"? I think it came out in '06... I guess I got some music to catch up on...


  1. i can't believe you would put them in the same category as outkast. i tried to listen to the song you posted again this morning and i had to stop it. i wasn't going to leave a comment because i didn't want to just throw salt, but you put them in with outkast.

  2. I listened to that "Light Grenades" by the way, it's kinda crazy, goin in a direction of music I don't typically listen to, but not bad.

    And I just said that they are like Outkast in that they do shit different than the horrible shit that is on the radio. You don't like the I song I posted? Fine. Extra salty reviews all day!!