Thursday, February 3, 2011

nyc is like...


i'm sure this girl spent waaaaay more than six bucks on this animal hat thing. (sorry for the bad pic, it was all i could do given the circumstances.)
i can't get enough. and i'll never get all of it. i love this place. it's everything and more. much more. more than i'll EVER know. last calendar year had the third most snow on record in nyc. visiting the snow and living with the snow are 2 COMPLETELY different things. i could write a book about it and this was just my first year. speaking of my first year, i was passing some time at work today entertaining a telemarketer for a few when i heard something i thought was pretty funny.. after mentioning i moved to new york in february of last year i was told my new yorkiversary was coming up.. now... i already knew people celebrated their date of arrival in this great city.. but i never heard it called a new yorkiversary. i had a nice laugh and then let it marinate for a sec... i just deleted a ton of digital scribble.. i'll spare you the love story.

peace to the place where the sun sets.

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