Friday, February 4, 2011

Rock Thoughts

In regards to Incubus (see below), I had completely stopped listening to them after Morning View which was circa 2002 largely because they got rid of their bad ass bass player and then sounded completely different, the first four albums however I was thoroughly taken with.  In light of Lyguys recommendation I'll have to give em a listen again, there is no reason why they shouldn't still be a good band, its just that I don't think Ill be able to help wanting to hear the old band. It kinda of like when Maynard from Tool started that band a perfect circle or something, every time I heard the new band it just made me want to hear Tool.

I think that Audio slave was one of the few, new bands made up of  members from an old band, to make an actually really tight album. I mean when I heard about rage starting a new band with out Zack I like most fans were like , hows that gonna work? obviously I couldn't imagine the band Rage with any type of singer, but when Chris Cornell showed up, from Soundgarden, I remember thinking that he was the only possible guy they could have had in order to be a band that didn't just make people want to here Zack. The band is still obviously Rage but I think Chris's voice gives it a completely different spin, cause he wasnt trying to replace what Zack was doing

In another thought,..
As many of you may know I have been pretty hateful towards all the new rock stuff on the radio especially that hipster type indy shit. My dad however Mr. "Ive been Focho since before you were born" reads Rolling Stone every week and is always up to speed on which new bands are supposed to be good, however he never actually listens to any of these bands so he knows all the hype but is always looking to here one of them....
Recently I installed that new Tivo HD for my parents which as part of its many features allows you to watch youtube videos on the TV. As you can imagine ever since then there has been countless hours of youtubing going on in the living room. One of these nights my dad kept on throwing out names of bands that he'd read about and we looked them up Arcade fire...= crap, then some band with hella drummers... crap. then he through out The Black Keys, of which the only thing I knew was that they consisted of two hipsters one on guitar and another on the drums. We founds some live show and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it, it wasn't the boring ass hipster, drone, hella echo, dramatic Florence and the machine crap, it actually sounded cool, My only thing was that I felt that if they had a base player they would be just that much tighter, but I guess its part of their deal. Anyways so I think I'm a fan now  

After watching the Black Keys for a while, my dad and I, continuing with the theme,  looked up the White Stripes who I remembered that I also liked, well at least some of their songs like this one..


In Conclusion not all new Rock bands Suck, just most of them..


  1. i can't believe you didn't know about the black keys! they're fucking dope! this my my favorite song of theirs since i'm hella emo.
    it's them doing it live in '04. the album version is super tight but as you have seen they throw down live as well.

    virtual hi-five, virtually.

  2. Haha, I feel you on the "golden days" association with bands and spin off bands. But you gotta give the new stuff a chance. People get older, experience new things, just wanna express themselves differently. Real Incubus is untouchable, but the new stuff ain't bad. BBoyd is still amazing with voice and lyrics, but doesn't scream really anymore, the music is less funky and intricate, but I still think they put out music that is far superior than any other rock band out. Prepare for epic debates this weekend.