Wednesday, March 16, 2011

for you.

sometimes the woes of the world start to get to me. i really question if this IS the world we live in? the way people treat each other can be disgusting at times. and even if it's not directed towards me it still makes me sick to my stomach. my heart is sooo torn at times. feeling like my actions don't matter and why even bother trying to take a stand or make a change? i've heard and read some very ignorant comments in the past few weeks and i think they're taking a toll on me. coming to terms with certain matters that are seemingly inescapable. it is what it is and who am i to try and call it anything else? just shut up, go to work, go home watch t.v. and repeat. but i don't think that would quiet the voice. the voice of angst that screams in my face every time i have a moment to myself. the voice that reminds me. we may not win the war in our lifetime, but we'll definitely win battles. each of which, will set the stage for our children.

this goes out to the families of everyone on the forefront... you know they jus tryin' ta make you proud, right?


  1. I feel ya brother.. all we can do is fight one battle at a time. I feel down the same way many times but then I think, the world has changed in the past for the better and the only way its happened is when people decide to make it happen. I cant expect others to fight and work for change if I'm not willing to. working for change can be done in little actions as well as large ones. You never know who you affect with your actions, any Good we put out into the world means there IS, More good in the world.

  2. Feminine voice of FOCHOMarch 21, 2011 at 7:47 PM

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