Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i'm sure you guys have all already seen this here joint i threw down today.. i've been meaning to do this since the Tiger Woods ordeal.. PUBLIC DEFENDER is basically my way of saying , stop fucking up celebrities. not that they don't deserve to get checked but every time a celeb gets into some shit no matter how big or small it turns into the only thing reporters want to cover. dude... leave the fucking guy alone and let them work it out like normal people. i'm not saying what he is doing is right nor am i saying what tiger did was cool by any means.. but how are they supposed to move on with their lives when the media keeps running that shit into the ground? now, i know that's what people what to hear... so straight up... i'ma do the same thing and try to get in where i fit in. my stencil game wont stop. and i just copped a tool that will allow me to make stencil in half the time. yeah...! i'm pumped.

last month was locs. all i did was sit in front of the mpc and bang shit out. although i feel like i've removed the huge weight from my shoulders i'm still on the grind. still out here trying to get it together so i can help put FOCHO on the map.

once again i just want everyone to know i got nothing but love for you to.

peace from the place where the sun rises.

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