Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Had Diarrhea Since Easters!

My never ending quest to eat everything in the world has caused me to temporarily neglect the one true thing that really matters: Tacos El Grullense Jal.!!! But never again, cuz Gilas got that true Mexican comida on lock! Peep the Easter dinner feast...

La Banda keeps it fresh. New iiiilll track coming soon.

Das on yo bank account.

Lesbian smoke signals.

Ale transformed his paisa house shoes into springtime sexi Giants pride chanklas!

2fast with them Castro rim accents!

Of Nazareth, Dose One, Jel at the Elbo Room on May 9th. You're there!

Cyphie4skin got a album release party comin up at the end of next month too. Look out for the lineup soon, possibly some rappin by yours truly?? Ohh snap! Also Influenza (aka Wally Guerrero) bout to put on a show on May 21st in Gilas, more info comin soon. Shao!!!

Aye cheah! Late!

1 comment:

  1. lesbian smoke signals and 2fast had my dying.. thanks boo boo.