Friday, April 29, 2011

my gf

you know how it is... she pretty much puts me up on most of the "new" stuff i hear about/see online or in the media. so today i wanted to just share 2 of the most recent things she's shown me. first is a short web series about the neighborhood we live in. it's called bushwick but since williamsburg has become the hipster epicenter realtors have renamed it east willyburg. gentrification is a mutha.

the other is something you need a bad ass internet connection for. basically someone had the genius idea of posting a bunch of downsized youtube videos on the same page... why is this genius? in all the videos people are playing defferent instruments inbflat.
ya dig? so you start hitting play on a couple at a time and they all start groovin. pretty tight.

yeah, that's all for now kiddies. much love to my shorty! much love to my clica! much love and prayers for the people in the south starting the rebuilding process.

p.s. road trip... chi-town then nyc... DO IT.


  1. EastWillyB! Damn foo, that's rough.

    And you know the first vid I pressed play on was the chick with the DS!

  2. that's funny because when i was writing the post i was going to make note of her just so you wouldn't miss it! pero chea(!) i know your steeze.