Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hella On the Radio

 Chea! ya boy finally got the balls to call in on a radio station yesterday. I obviously listen to either the public radio station from SF or the one from Santa Cruz all day every day. I cant count the number of times I have had something I wanted to say but have always decided not to because I didn't  feel prepared or just because I though I would stumble my words and sound dumb. So today on KSUP they had a hour discussion about why no one talks about The working class anymore. Who is the working class now days? and Why don't people think in terms of class any more. So after a while I decided fuck it I would try to get through and who cares if I end up sounding dumb. I ended up getting through and I think it went pretty well for a first time caller, I obviously stumbled a little bit but I think all and all it was good. here is the link to the recorded show if you areso inclined to listen and critique me. I am on about 2//3 the way through right after the guy who is hell pissed about all the taxes he has to pay.


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