Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Empire Strikes Back

Vader in full swing...

Groovy bird shreddage. Lemme hit that!

Influenza no look hadouken.

Dude! Sweet!

Uni with his lil Focholito. Already practicing them B-Boy poses!

Turn on life mang.

That's how my brain looks.

Birfday text.

NY Staten influenced weenie butterflied on a french roll with mad queso and black eyed peas. SHAOO!!!!

My mouth is on the other end of that bridge, Homer Simpson mang!

That pre 84 Fochismo on display. Cheah!!!!

Back to raps. 1/early


Friday, June 24, 2011


King Kit Kat- $1 out the door at Walgreens. 3x the Kit Kat, I'm stoked on those 630 calories and 70 grams of sugar.

Lord Vader (my "new" computer)is in a coma on a desk in a shitty computer repair shop. Monday I'll find out how many times I'm going to punch myself in the balls.

The trials and tribs of my wallet have definitely helped accelerate the writing process of a particular song I've been working on. Other than that, being rung out for every penny ain't all that fun. Whatevs, Puerto Rico, LA, NY, India here I comes. Thanks Burning Man. Shao!!!!


ps- I know I promised everyone that I was gonna have my album done by the end of this month... but you should know how that goes by now. It's well on its way to completion at some point very soon. Just listen to Black's album. Word on them streets is MAD cds be in circulation SON!! 13 year olds yo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

makin' it quick...

i thought writing "for the gringos" on your menu is ballsy.

this guy knows whats up.. spotted in fort greene bk.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deep into my latest phase...

As of the past three weeks I have been diving deeper and deeper into the depths of my latest musical obsesion. Since I got my first tape 'the young rascles" when I was like 10 years old I have been intimately involved in one musical obsession after another. This continuous series of phases has taken me through very large aray of music. Those of you who know me know that recent phases include: Mexican mariachi and banda phase, Spanish language pop music phase, hot girl oldie group phase, hot girl 90s phase, old school soul phase, slumpen all moog all the time phase, all angry revolutionary hip hop phase, all stevie wonder all the time phase,.....
When I was younger the phases were more like: early sixties pop rock phase, earlie Beatles music phase,  late Beatles music phase. late 60's San Francisco rock phase, clean guitar sound santana style phase, piano and organ classical music phase, BB King phase, boogie blues phase,  Hendrix phase, all music at Woodstock phase, Metalica and Black Saboth style phase, 80's hip hop phase, sublime style phase, learning about underground hip hop phase., rage against the machine phase.....

anyways you get the picture, A certain sound catches my attention and then I try and find anything and everything that sounds similar. There then follows a period of time where I can't get enough and that style is all I listen to.

My current phase was jump started by my mom when she bought the 1960's pop hits 5 cd set from the TV, at some point thereafter Brenda Lee's "I'm sorry" came on and I remembered how bad ass that song was and made a beat with it. I then realized that I knew very little about Brenda Lee's music which lead to non stop Brenda lee you tube sessions and the acquisition of the Brenda Lee's definitive collection. Because of their similar styles I began to feene for some Etta James and realized  that after a number of broken or stolen I-pods I no longer had any in my possession. The same was said for my access to the greatness that is Sam Cooke. I-tunes and a trip to Streetlight solved these personal failures and now my days are monopolized by slow soulful songs about heartbreak and love. Aside form Brenda Lee most these songs were not new to me but it this exact sound that for some reason I cant get enough of lately, I literally listened to each of these following songs at least 7 times today while putting together a kitchen. So if you are interested in taking a trip into my latest phase I invite you to get some headphones, maybe a beer, sit down and go through all of theses songs and again remember how outrageously tight all of these people are. I could have put up hella more but these will take you on a nice quick ride. CHEA!


I had to throw in this live version of bring it on home, I just bought this album it its soo hype..