Friday, June 24, 2011


King Kit Kat- $1 out the door at Walgreens. 3x the Kit Kat, I'm stoked on those 630 calories and 70 grams of sugar.

Lord Vader (my "new" computer)is in a coma on a desk in a shitty computer repair shop. Monday I'll find out how many times I'm going to punch myself in the balls.

The trials and tribs of my wallet have definitely helped accelerate the writing process of a particular song I've been working on. Other than that, being rung out for every penny ain't all that fun. Whatevs, Puerto Rico, LA, NY, India here I comes. Thanks Burning Man. Shao!!!!


ps- I know I promised everyone that I was gonna have my album done by the end of this month... but you should know how that goes by now. It's well on its way to completion at some point very soon. Just listen to Black's album. Word on them streets is MAD cds be in circulation SON!! 13 year olds yo.

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