Sunday, July 3, 2011

no computer no problem

i'm at work right now and it's dead. i've had one customer in the last 2 an a half hours. listening to jimi's "blues" album. dirdirt just dopped his 2nd iphone bmx web edit.
the edit features music by The Suspects (Paisa 1er y DeeJay Kleankut)

speaking of Kleenkut.. that dude knows how to cop some shit over the phone! haha! no shipping, no tax.. all day! this was his set up the last time i was over but i know he's got a new arrangement crackin!

you have to blow up the next pic to really appreciate it.

taken from the Q train in queens by yours truly.

xoxo- Frankie

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  1. That's a great pic man. Almost looks like a painting.