Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Last Supper?

so we pretty much thought the world was going to end this past sunday. that's how the media portrayed the whole Irene situation. dude, SHE should have been nicknamed the situation... so crazy the way it all went down. i was feeling cali love over the weekend. hella phone calls making sure i was aight out here. hella feeling the love. in this digital age you forget how much weight something as simple as a phone call can have. if you're reading this, we probably spoke over the weekend... i love you too.

this first pic is of what we started calling "the last supper". moco loco(?) a hawaiian dish composed of a hamburger patty over rice covered in gravy. BOMB. dj beto came through with the marinated chicken breasts and those things were on point!!! of course.... mines the plate in the middle. (your boy stays doing the most)

as i'm sure you already know Dee was gone for pretty much the whole month of august. this is what i had waiting for her when she got back...

chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, broccoli, and queso tied up with a strip of thick cut bacon.. with a baked potato and an avocado salad...? sheeeeeiiiiiit.. como se dice amor?

yeah... i ALWAYS finish. yameansayinson?

yo! guess who's AMPED!!! Paisa 1er aka your moms favorite brownie is fittin to be in the building!... with my MOM aka Paisa Mommer!!! ahahahaa! cheaaaaa! focho y que!

If you're fam and you're reading this, COME TO THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 22!!!!!! holla holla holla!!!!!

focho fittin' to funk frisco fosheeeezy! (son)

xoxo - Frankie!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What up world? This is Sway!

I recently got my computer defiled and refiled and it feels so good!!

This will mos def be the longest chingadera I've posted if I don't go mimis before...

I have not had a steady stream of Intronet (aside from the yPhone and the recently inherited yPad) in almost a year. I had a once in a lifetime crash (according to Steve Jobs) and my unfixed chit remained a constant reminder of why handheld smartphones and tablets will never replace big ass computer towers and a monitor with a janky rigged wiring to some decent receiver and some oldy but goody speakers yadig?!

...but I digress. Anyways I'ma reminisce for a hot minute. The pinche giants played a pretty big game last year after Halloween. This Guy was there.

and then they won!!

and got one of yo chain hang low??

but for realtho I got a new yob and its pretty fresh. I traded in salas for hollister beach company (minus the beach company)

It aint ideal, but I'm building bridges

Gfest was done up in fine fashion. Bonds were made

Carne was got

That left coast wing of focho has rekindled the flame and brought tapatio to yo ear drums

Throughout the year, when I'm in frisco this guy lets me crash

I've cupcaked with this heina

I've walked this dude around hella times

Seen some interesting lawn decorations

Cruised the Chevy

Had chorro pero so did this chick..

Saw Focho bomb the music room

and get hollered at by Brother Ali on there's a twitter called focho_la_cliqua

And just remember your dreams cuz dreams do come true you just gotta fuckin dream em!

Oh, one last thing...raise your hand if you miss the guy to your left!



12 minutes of sunday evening in brooklyn, @ %1500.

Friday, August 26, 2011

See I'm So Towe!

Peace to the place where natural occurrences wreak havoc, and mofos make beats with balls!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

you don't know my brad pit STAINS!,

or my homie GAR...

or the workbench pizza SANGWICH....

or casey... i mean CYPHEA$Y

or jp's BOX...

or my BREAKFAST....

or the CILANTRO fries at the bar 2 blocks from my pad...

or this fire HYDRANT,

or DR FLOW!!!,



unless of course you're down with FOCHO..

now that i have a computer again.... it's time to go to work.(hopefully more than blog) i have TONS of video. i'm sure a bunch of it is basura pero i'm sure i got enough clips to make you smile/laugh @ least once. i hear dreamweaver's easy...? hopefully i'll get my hands on that shit ssoon enough and get to businazzzz. whats this i hear about october? diggy dizzzang. it's 2:24 am and i've just been working the kinks outta the digi 16 to lappy transfer and i've been playing with the rainy day bounce track that verse, guy, n myself threw down back when... i'm pumped. time to dork out. i think i go through phases with technology. sometimes i just can't get down with instant gratification. and stuff. got the recommendation from L to the...back when and finally copped some grados. (monitors next year for sure tho)((unless they fall in my lap))(((cause you never know))) sooooooooooo..... like i was saying, i went through my trusty hard drive full of photos and just started gettin my focho post on..

shout outs?

first and foremost... my shorty, i know you're loving it. get home safe lady.

dj klean kut(!), dust9er, dj dino d a.k.a. "the guy who sold me a fake iphone... but thats a whole other story", my lil sister- i love you T, and l to the... this ones for you. just cause you told me you were to lazy to check it out. even though i know you were kickin it with CYPHEA$Y tonigh i'm sure he put you up on game.(?).

(squish) i'm out

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

la isla

i'm in an awkward head space.

$5.25 gets you half a bird y arroz con fijoles. como se dice bomby...?

Monday, August 15, 2011


This is indeed a beer, in case there was any dispute. This particular one was left in the freezer overnight and by luck came out perfectly frosty. YEE!


Thursday, August 11, 2011


It's funny to think of the idea of myself as a 'business owner'. That statement in and of itself signifies, for many people, some type of elitist economic/social status: I'm up here, I pay everyone down there to do my bidding.

Naaahhhh bluudd!

My work is this dichotomous blend (oxymoron?) of pure manual labor and manning the ship. Sooo much manual labor, actually. All I've been doing is making a shit load of chai and applying 20+ years of Tetris playing to real life by moving 1400 bottles of the stuff around in a space fit for a Geo Metro.

But I also handle EVERY other aspect of the biz that requires knowledge, planning, and some level of smarts. My hands are dirty, calloused, content. My mind perked and ready to progress.

Basically, I don't like labels, and I urge people in everything I do to not get hung up on em. I am who I am, do what I do, simple labels don't embody that in the least. Put in WORK, get yours honestly, always reach deep.

Let the long weekend begin! Dust9 comin to Gilas to form Voltron with the banda and get some well needed jam time in and prep for the grand return of FOCHO! I know I've posted this song before, but this is what it is! YEE!!!


That OG post comin soon. Where's the love???

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Where the 'man'gic happens...

Shaooo!!! Pepper steak in it's glorious annual debut.

The most down guy at the fest, or something like that.

Beue Beue!!

My pinche "cake", which was thrown in the fire and later eaten by me.

All my pics are of Ale, you're welcome.

Introducing the 'Nacho Bag'. Brought to you by this bag:

I mean this one...

I think I'm just gonna go ahead and say that this was THE BEST G-FEST WEEKEND EVER! THANK YOU infinite to everyone that contributed to the awesomeness that was. See you next year.