Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Last Supper?

so we pretty much thought the world was going to end this past sunday. that's how the media portrayed the whole Irene situation. dude, SHE should have been nicknamed the situation... so crazy the way it all went down. i was feeling cali love over the weekend. hella phone calls making sure i was aight out here. hella feeling the love. in this digital age you forget how much weight something as simple as a phone call can have. if you're reading this, we probably spoke over the weekend... i love you too.

this first pic is of what we started calling "the last supper". moco loco(?) a hawaiian dish composed of a hamburger patty over rice covered in gravy. BOMB. dj beto came through with the marinated chicken breasts and those things were on point!!! of course.... mines the plate in the middle. (your boy stays doing the most)

as i'm sure you already know Dee was gone for pretty much the whole month of august. this is what i had waiting for her when she got back...

chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, broccoli, and queso tied up with a strip of thick cut bacon.. with a baked potato and an avocado salad...? sheeeeeiiiiiit.. como se dice amor?

yeah... i ALWAYS finish. yameansayinson?

yo! guess who's AMPED!!! Paisa 1er aka your moms favorite brownie is fittin to be in the building!... with my MOM aka Paisa Mommer!!! ahahahaa! cheaaaaa! focho y que!

If you're fam and you're reading this, COME TO THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 22!!!!!! holla holla holla!!!!!

focho fittin' to funk frisco fosheeeezy! (son)

xoxo - Frankie!

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  1. Sal Mo' Nella. Can't end the post without a empty greasy ass plate!