Thursday, August 11, 2011


It's funny to think of the idea of myself as a 'business owner'. That statement in and of itself signifies, for many people, some type of elitist economic/social status: I'm up here, I pay everyone down there to do my bidding.

Naaahhhh bluudd!

My work is this dichotomous blend (oxymoron?) of pure manual labor and manning the ship. Sooo much manual labor, actually. All I've been doing is making a shit load of chai and applying 20+ years of Tetris playing to real life by moving 1400 bottles of the stuff around in a space fit for a Geo Metro.

But I also handle EVERY other aspect of the biz that requires knowledge, planning, and some level of smarts. My hands are dirty, calloused, content. My mind perked and ready to progress.

Basically, I don't like labels, and I urge people in everything I do to not get hung up on em. I am who I am, do what I do, simple labels don't embody that in the least. Put in WORK, get yours honestly, always reach deep.

Let the long weekend begin! Dust9 comin to Gilas to form Voltron with the banda and get some well needed jam time in and prep for the grand return of FOCHO! I know I've posted this song before, but this is what it is! YEE!!!

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