Thursday, August 18, 2011

you don't know my brad pit STAINS!,

or my homie GAR...

or the workbench pizza SANGWICH....

or casey... i mean CYPHEA$Y

or jp's BOX...

or my BREAKFAST....

or the CILANTRO fries at the bar 2 blocks from my pad...

or this fire HYDRANT,

or DR FLOW!!!,



unless of course you're down with FOCHO..

now that i have a computer again.... it's time to go to work.(hopefully more than blog) i have TONS of video. i'm sure a bunch of it is basura pero i'm sure i got enough clips to make you smile/laugh @ least once. i hear dreamweaver's easy...? hopefully i'll get my hands on that shit ssoon enough and get to businazzzz. whats this i hear about october? diggy dizzzang. it's 2:24 am and i've just been working the kinks outta the digi 16 to lappy transfer and i've been playing with the rainy day bounce track that verse, guy, n myself threw down back when... i'm pumped. time to dork out. i think i go through phases with technology. sometimes i just can't get down with instant gratification. and stuff. got the recommendation from L to the...back when and finally copped some grados. (monitors next year for sure tho)((unless they fall in my lap))(((cause you never know))) sooooooooooo..... like i was saying, i went through my trusty hard drive full of photos and just started gettin my focho post on..

shout outs?

first and foremost... my shorty, i know you're loving it. get home safe lady.

dj klean kut(!), dust9er, dj dino d a.k.a. "the guy who sold me a fake iphone... but thats a whole other story", my lil sister- i love you T, and l to the... this ones for you. just cause you told me you were to lazy to check it out. even though i know you were kickin it with CYPHEA$Y tonigh i'm sure he put you up on game.(?).

(squish) i'm out

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