Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Focho Fall...

"Clearly," la cliqua got down in a major guey...but I'm getting ahead of myself

There was a lot of preparation from the batteries

The kind of chit to make you tap yo feet

Here's a couple pixies of the unDRESSed rehearsal ;)

Redman was there...Cheeks brought him

This was when Dust9 created the ill ass FOCHO shirt that you can buy on Zazzle righ now righ now

In between the rehearsal(s) and the BIG SHOW (not WWE) was a celebration of my awesomeness/birth which was herra fun

L to the... robbed a jewelry store and got him a grill

We prepared our descent on Dolo

Do work son!

Guy with the artistic appetite

good people came out

Cyph4 came to kick it before globetrotting with a bunch of Chinese Men

I got serenaded by the SF Gay Men's Chorus

Shit was fun and thank you to all that kicked it and sent they love.

Now for the real real...Saturday @ SUBMission was Focho's confirmation if you will...

Paisa1er flew in earlier and started off the funk stew with a BANG!!

He had Dj Guy Macadocious on the 1s & 2s

L to the... & Paisa1er

Focho's HYPEman, Daniel Carillo!!!!!

Verse & Wally came to show love

$6 to double fist??


and his paparazzi


What goes up must get down
Slideshow yall

Afterparty...where else

Bottom line, did the Focho Fall Funk Stew rock ass? Take her word for it...


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