Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last 10

Straight bitin' blog styles son! Here are more or less the last 10 pictures I've taken post NYC:

Gilas SW side, we out here, pimientos and all.

Fiyyyaaaaaa! Big rig on 1st and Santa Teresa.

Guy Beastin Westside

Lil fancy tequila con Dust9 to celebrate a rehearsal well done.

You don't know my.... my Pops styles all over everything!

DJ Cellus holdin down that FCC Free Radio! Check out One For the Road on Sunday nights 10p-12a.

Guy's alter-ego SF ballerness.

I got em.

Chickies and waffles (not blue) in Oakland.

We out here.

Ommmmm... we got a show on Sat Oct 22nd. Be down! Focho in full effect serving up heaping portions of that funk stew! Cheah!!!


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