Friday, December 21, 2012

Jingle bells

What up y'all sorry I been outa the blog game for a bit, I had some bad luck with technology as of late . First had the iPhone stolen , then the Mac book stolen then lost my I pod. But I have gotten back in the I phone game so attempting a little update on the go .

The fall funk stew was off the hook , best show we've thrown yet , we playing Gilas next at the nine lives club January 19th and I'm gonna try to set something up in the south bay for February ... Keepin it movin..

The 7 annual Focho x mas party was another hit, cracked off at Johnny v s con Mikey's grenades and dance parties . Here are a few pics

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You would think...

With all that focho as a crew has been up to that we'd actually have more posts up on this bish.

Ummmmm.... Just an observation.

Here's more random pics from my iPad.

Shout out to cousin Beary for the new digs. Shit is MAD pimperish.

If youre in the bay for new years I would suggest hitting up dj Kleenkut. Homeboys got gigs for days!

The taco pictured is from our homie thanksgiving celebration. Good times. What your looking at is a pancit/adobo tostada. SMACKIN'!!!!!

My favorite City council and campaign manager combo;)

A rocking pony posted on a rolling pony.

Random pic from the funk stew I was able to make it out to.

Yesterday's sunset from my roof.

A calling card I shot in Gilas.

Shout out to the wans.

Yes I paid $7 for yet another mpc. Bringing my total up to 5 now.

Love you all and can't wait till we're reunited.

Till that day comes..


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

FOCHO Christmas Party 2012

Say whaaaaa? Once again, FOCHO Christmas is upon us! Our 7th annual party is gonna be at Johnny V's in Downtown San Jose THIS SATURDAY 12/15! You already know what's up, but come ready to drink, dance, and look Christmas-y. Fonz has the Mickey's ready for us, and I'm sure there will be other drink specials. I will be playing Hip-Hop and Funk all night, and the crew will be chillin hard. Everyone is welcome, so bring a friend!
RSVP on our FB event page:



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some trip

Nothing but love for all my West Coast Famila. Its business as usual back here for the moment. Gonna miss the Focho Xmas party this year for which I feel like a dummy.. Pero spending New Years Eve in Africa:)

Random photos on my iPad

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Exactly 1 year ago, Austin and I were kickin it at my house. He wanted to see what was up with the Occupy camp in SF, so we took a little walk to check it out...

Find cholo Bart

Super dope, super Asian karaoke setup. Hella crazy inputs!

Reverting back to 10 yr old L To The..., playin in the trash.

Off season park usage: Cal football stadium/ youth science fair.

Home team

Sun all year bluuud.


Aaaaannnnd we arrived. Cameras can't capture stink lines, so I didn't bother taking more pics.

Cheah! Funk Stew in 10 days!!!! Get ready!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

things that go hard.

this makes me miss childhood.

this makes me miss sf. (go giants)

this makes me miss PR.

this makes me wish i knew how to write hooks..

Slurricane Sandy is in motion. Irene wasn't shit. Let's get this party started NYC!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm a Democratic...

... For the po'

And in case somehow you saw the blog before twitter or fb, here's FOCHO's instagram crusher Ale hobnobbin with 40 Water...


Monday, October 1, 2012

hella (mad) fotos

taking off

wishful thinking

l to the package

ya heard

no longer.
bon chon



no photoshop
they got coo fitted game..


don't remember if i posted this one, but i took it on my commute in bushwick. ole boy was smobbin'

it's like this every other weekend all summer in astoria

been here a bunch. great cause. i'll keep you guys posted on the new 3d Meres ish..

still out here, pero in Queens now.

found the gangsta rap coloring book at my Compadres pad.

if Gilroy had a team..


just started this song

bk block arte

shout out to Bear for being a down head (in general). Hope you're loving your time home vato.
sound disks for my latest acquisition.

this guy loves house

white car

brown car

you're not this ILL.

my OTHER business


someone stole his bike, so he was stealing it back.

for real, been throwing contests in NYC. sheeeeet feels great.

the steamroller that Breez and Meres bombed before Dee won it.
i know it's a different spelling pero you know i gots to show love.

wall prep.

shirt mackin

took a pic with the track stand king before he won $1000
big ups to the Metropolitician for making it happen.

diesel tart work

fellow Paisas tuning on the platform

pretty much the end all plate.
nyc has shown me ridiculous love in the last 2 n half years. but i can honestly say, i don't think i've ever been this excited to go home. this FOCHO FOTO BOMBING was brought to you by elementary school chocolates and ice coffee from gyro uno. holla.


i'm out.

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