Friday, January 20, 2012

Etta James rest peacefully, Focho will always love you

So I have been absent for a while for the blogosphere and I apologize to the Focho Nation, there is no good reason for my absence and it ends now. However, I am sad to say that my return comes with a solemn heart for I regret to inform you if you have yet to hear that on this day the worlds beloved Etta James has passed away. I received the text from L to the... just minuets ago and he rightly suggested that I must offer up our love on the intro Net in honor of a women who's music has touched us all. I have been in love with her voice most of my life, she has helped me to truly experience and express love, soothe a broken heart and to just enjoy a sunday afternoon. That is all the words I have to express how I feel about her music. I invite you all to spend some extra times listening to her music today and let the passion and truth in her voice continue to touch your lives.

Thank You Etta for sharing your voice with the world.

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