Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yo Son!

Yo Son I just got called out by the el negro for being all Facebook and no reeAL book , so handling this from the I phizz. Bay Flow Netics going down tomorrow night, errrryone is gonna be there. Check that flyer and be ready for hella pics. Focho be making moves with the quickness, after the showcase tomorrow night Abstract Audio Art gonna be playing at the gas lighter on march 31st for that annual festival of fools, Then, Lydon talking with homies about having a show with the band at the Rocket Room in SF April 14th, THEN. Cinco de Mayo playa! in New York, week of Madness with all of Focho in One place!! And playing a show , Outrageous!

Also in the works.. Show At Johny Vs and show at south first billiards, recordings still in the works and I hear we fixen to change up the website soon so shit I'm excited let's keep it moven y'all

Here some random pics from my phone since the new year of people saying what up to Focho

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