Monday, May 14, 2012

Como se dice the "most"?!

Needless to say, the trip to that other coast was FACE MELTING, off the hook, sick to death, the illest, or whatever other urban catch phrase you can attach to it.  For those that partook, I don't need to tell you how good it was and for those that didn't I'll try to summarize.  
It was hands down the longest week I can remember.  I felt like Robin Williams in Jack packing four times the events into one week's time.  There are a lot of people to thank (Frankie first and foremost for ERRYTHANG (no words for all yo hustle papa), Diana for being the hostess with the mostesss, Lisa & TyTy for letting us rage in Williamsburg, Bear for taking me and Guy to the first chicken spot of a two chicken spot day, Vince for neglecting his homework to kick it with focho, and the Bay's own Chai Guy (Lto the...) for handling our travel arrangements and motivating the troops from the get...all of "YOU ARE ALL I NEED" (foreshadowing). 
Anyways, I'll post a grip of pics that represent represent.

We out hurt bluuuuud

We took that

To get there 

Which is above the spot 

Where the two best hosts in the world reside  

The first couple days we took that train into Manhattan

Here's some tourist chit 

Grand Central 

Not the Chrysler Building

Day 2 in Manhattan we walked across that bridge mang 

That school is hella where A Tribe Called Quest got they start! 


Even creepier 

Bitch got ass fo days!! 

Get it piiiimp

That free ferry (that we found out you can drink on!)

There's a couple bridges out here 

She got front too! 

Tight ass street with nothin but bars...and dudes in suits

Man shit

Wall Street 

Not a good look George

Times Square is madness

Got errythang

Lisa's rooftop in Williamsburg...I think Guy just kicked out the screen moments before this.

Black pulled strings like Cepetto to get "Brown Sugar Kool-Aid" AKA "Vitamin Dick" some udio time! 

Shit was tight to see the crew put it down in style

Watch it swing watch it swing

En route to Black's grind

L to the... Ginuine(ly) enjoin himself.  Keep on the look out for video of Cyph gettin his from this pony!

Here's the spot L to the... secured for us.  Big ups brotha shit was tight butthole!

Roof with a view

L maxin to the fullest, lettin them patas breathe

Somebody play some Bruno Mars!!

This is where it all went down!  The primary motivation, for those that don't know was to come show support for Frankie as he hosted the First Annual Astoria Bike Stop Beast Wheelie Contest.  He then pulled them aforementioned strings to get shit closed down and allow the aforementioned band the illest spot to throw down.

To the left

To the right

Don't worry bout them, Frankie got friends in high places yadidi?!

There's the man himself.  Did the most, made big moves, and DASSIT!

The muthafuckin Cyph4

Construct Existence Crew

L to the...

Brown Sugar Kool-Aid aka Vitamin Dick
There were some athletic people feelin what Focho was putting down
See what I mean?!

This lil dude wants to be Guy Macadocious when he grows up

This is what we came to see...give that fool a new bike cuz he lost his front tire <

Shit was so good it could make you pee yo pants

Or on the floor

Once the goodness/madness in Astoria Park commenced it was a blur of brews & grub (niggas gotta eat)

We didn't go here, but if we did I'd take Maurica and make her feel WEPA.  I wouldn't go dutch wit her either and DASSIT!!

I seen some fancy boys!! 

Meres One & Breeze were mad hospitable.  5 Pointz was the business!

Damn, this is a ridiculously long post and my apologies if this took too much time outta your day.   Find the crazy part; this is less than a quarter of the craziness!  Kickin it with ma dudes in that other other was truly the goodness!  Again, a million thanks to Frankie, the man with the plan and the relentless hustle to make this one of those trips that be reminisced about for the duration!  It's ok to look back sometimes...

L to the... Guy Macadocious, Case, Cyph4, Dust9, Paisa1er, Diana, Lisa, Tyler, Vince, Bear, new NY fam, and the countless people who's path I crossed in this truly beautiful city that really doesn't sleep (on anything)......made this trip the realest, so THANK YOU!

Dear Focho Fam,









  1. awesome post ale and beautiful photos ;) It was a pleasure hosting you guys. hope to see ya'll here soon again!